You Know You Miss Him

Come on America…admit it. You know you miss him, Trump that is. It’s about four months into the false “Presidency” of Witless Joe Biden and any normal person would admit that the country has taken very bad turn thanks to the actions and inactions of the Head Dementia Patient.

The narrative that Bumbling Biden legitimately won the election is THE BIG LIE of the century being pushed by the leftists in the media and government. Imagine if that farce did not happen and Trump was rightfully still in office?

The wall would still be getting built and sensible immigration policies that put Americans first would still be the law of the land

We wouldn’t be releasing criminals into the country never to be seen again or at least until they show up to collect their benefits being doled out by the Democrat-Fascists. Benefits they get ahead of law-abiding, tax-paying, legal Americans who could really use them. And yes snowflakes, if you cross the border illegally you are a criminal.

Instead, because of Slow Joe the invasion of our southern border by illegals, many of them carrying disease, many of them violent criminals, has recommenced with a fury the likes we have never seen. Not to mention that Sleepy Joe Biden’s reckless border policies make him complicit in the increase in horrible human and drug trafficking occurring at the border which is being carried out by Mexican drug cartels.

Every single human being that dies because of what is going on at the southern border is blood on Bonehead Biden’s hands. Whether it’s an illegal immigrant child who dies in the desert or on a raft while trying to get into the country because Mopey Joe and the left’s message has been one that encourages them to try, or an American citizen who dies of a fentanyl overdose that the cartels have a much easier time of getting into the country now, blame it all on China Joe and the Democrat-Fascist Party.

climbing border wall
Future Democrat Voters

Gas prices wouldn’t be rising faster than the lies that come out of Lying Joe’s mouth

Stopping pipeline construction, pushing the anti-fossil fuel pile of crap known as “The Green New Deal”, banning the drilling for oil, banning fracking, and an overall hostile attitude towards the fossil fuel industry by the nut job Democrat-Fascists has all led to American’s getting more money sucked out of their pockets thanks to Crooked Joe and his gang.

And now we have something that we haven’t seen since the days of Jimmy Carter…gas lines! That’s right. The country that was leading the world in fossil fuel production under Trump now has millions of citizens waiting in line to pay $7 for a gallon of gas. The average price for a gallon of gas is over $3, a price not seen in years and never seen under Trump.

Sure you could say it’s because of the hacked Colonial Pipeline, but that only proves my point even more. While Sleepy Joe was trying to remember what day it is and what city he is in, hackers took advantage of him and his gang of idiots and attacked our energy infrastructure. Not just because they could, but also because no one fears or respects Crazy Joe and the cadre of morons he has surrounded himself with. And then what does Bumbling Biden go and do? Nothing! Nothing that is except to standby while the hacker terrorists got paid off.

But it seems like Demented Joe only hates American pipelines. He absolutely loves the Russian ones! He recently waived the sanctions that the supposed Russia-Lover Trump had placed on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline which is being constructed to send Russian energy to Europe. Dopey Joe gives Putin a big win and signals to the rest of the world that once again, like under Obama, America is ready to bend over for the rest of the world.

Lying Joe
Lying Joe

America wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world

People around the globe feared and respected Trump.

Now, from the rigged, stolen election that showed us to be no better than a Central American Banana Republic, to the enfeebled old man who can’t string together a coherent paragraph or walk up the stairs to his plane, to a set of government officials who get smacked around and laughed at by enemies like China, the current cast of morons occupying the levers of power in this country is an embarrassment.

The US military wouldn’t be getting destroyed on the altar of “wokeness”

Take a look at these military recruitment videos from China and Russia.

Chinese Recruitment Video
Russian Recruitment Video

Now take a look at this recruitment video for the US Army:

Which one would inspire their people more? The one with “two mommies” or one of the ones that embraces pride, patriotism and strength? Our video is an embarrassment.

Our military is purposefully being subverted by the Marxist left in this country with the encouragement of Bolshevik Joe. The left knows that the US Military was the last real bastion of American patriotism, pride, discipline, and common sense, so therefore it had to be destroyed.

So how are they destroying it? For one our military is now worried about how many different ways it can get women into combat roles even if it means lowering the standards for women (but not for men). For example, in the Marines, a man has to do twenty pull-ups to get a maximum score, a woman seven. Isn’t that just what you want? Less qualified and less able people to storm the enemy hill rather than those who are best able to conquer it.

Not only is it unfair to us as a country that relies on our military to help keep us free, but it’s also unfair to those people like Emma with the two mommies, who will wind up getting slaughtered in the face of some fanatical Chinese army squad simply because we had to prove a point of how “woke” we can be.

No…we need strong, smart people who can be vicious when they have to and, sorry all of you gender-fluid sissies out there, but that is where the men usually come in. Before you get all red and hissified, I’m not saying all women are weak or incapable of doing the same things a man can do, but that’s my point. Men and women should be held to the same standards in the military. If a woman can make it through the same identical training as a man then more power to her. But don’t lower the standards for her simply to meet some kind of woke diversity goal.

Another way the US Military is being undermined is through Communism. When an LT Colonel in the US Military gets dismissed for talking about the dangers of Communism, you know we are in serious trouble.

I’ll give you one more example of how the US Military is being undermined and made weaker on purpose by the left…Critical Race Theory (CRT). Donald Trump had ended the ridiculous practice of the US Government teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT), he accurately called it a “sickness”, but Racist Joe Biden quickly reinstated it.

CRT is the Marxist-inspired, anti-white philosophy that claims America is systemically racist and that all white people are inherently racist. It is a divisive, insidious ideology that poisons people’s minds and segregates people into boxes based on race and, lately, other identifying characteristics (such as being Muslim or being Hispanic). Rather than teaching the cohesion that makes a military unit successful, CRT teaches discordance based on race.

All of this being done under the guidance of Bishop Garrison, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Diversity and Inclusion, who believes things such as all Trump supporters are racists and that, “…the eradication of white nationalism & supremacy in the ranks must be a top priority…” Keep in mind because Garrison believes in CRT and the anti-white 1619 project that means he believes all white people, especially Conservative patriotic ones, are guilty of white supremacism and therefore are on the list to be “eradicated”.

How bad is it in the military now? The US Navy recently announced it was implementing CRT training throughout the fleet. It won’t be long now before our Navy becomes ineffective because of it. I can see it now, the black members of a crew of an Aircraft Carrier refuse to follow the orders of their white captain because he is inherently a racist based on the color of his skin. They are joined by their CRT-trained white crewmen who are awash in guilt over their whiteness. Mutiny breaks out and the crew turns the ship over to their heroes the Communist Chinese.

And now the Middle East is on fire again

Remember all of those peace deals between the Arabs and Jews that Trump was able to get done? Yeah…sorry. War has returned to the Middle East when the Hamas terrorists started raining missiles down on innocent Israeli women and children again.

We’d still have a smart, vibrant White House Press secretary

The difference between Kayleigh McEnany and Jen Psaki is like comparing a Ford Mustang to an AMC Gremlin, like filet mignon to rump roast, or like comparing a smart, vibrant, dynamic professional to a frumpy, dull, not too swift amateur who has a penchant for wearing symbols of a tyrannical regime that slaughtered millions.

Psaki Loves Her Some Murdering Communists!

Racism in the name of “Anti-racism” wouldn’t be forced at us from the White House

Bigot Joe Biden is a racist. Not only against black people who he compared to cockroaches but even more so against white people. His embrace of Critical Race Theory, an anti-white, Marxist-based theory that proclaims all white people to be racists, proves this.

Trump was not a racist, against black people, white people or any people. Minorities saw their economic positions rise incredibly due to Trump’s policies. Minority unemployment and poverty were in steady decline and people of all races, religions, and creeds saw vast improvements in their lives due to Trump’s policies of tax cuts and deregulation.

“Oooooooh! But Trump called countries ‘shitholes’ and stopped terrorists from coming into the country!”

Get over it. Speaking the truth doesn’t make you a racist.

Trump banned the anti-white Critical Race Theory and instead began to implement the 1776 Project which teaches pride in America. What did Confused Joe Biden do? He got rid of that project and doubled down on the anti-white one.

Nice going Racist Joe.

And now inflation is on the rise

If you keep “printing” money and dumping it into the economy inflation, even hyperinflation is coming. That is a simple economic fact.

Lumber prices were up 280% at one point. Everyday items cost more. Food prices are up, as are gas prices, home prices and even toilet paper. And while all of these things are going up in price the value of your retirement plans and pensions are going down.

But what does Clueless Joe want to do? Why keep dumping money into the system of course! Because Heartless Joe Biden could care less about how his policies affect the little guy, as long as he gets to spend money on turning the country into a leftist hell hole.

Yup…admit it. You know you miss him.

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  2. couldn’t agree more. the installed biden is a horror and a disaster to America. but then destroying America is their intent.

  3. I never thought our country could come to this. President Trump is who we need because he is favored by God. I love and miss him terribly!

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