What’s Next?

So if President Trump is kept from being rightfully seated for a second term because the coup plotters have succeeded in stealing the election from him, the free patriots of this country have to ask “What’s next?”
But before we try to answer that question we have to look at what we know right now.

(Update: The steal was successful and we now have an illegitimate one in the Oval Office)

What we know

We know the Democrat party is beyond redemption…at all levels.
Never mind it not being the party of Truman or JFK anymore. They aren’t even the party of Carter or Clinton. They are now the party of fascists like Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newson. Of Socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortes.

They will lie, cheat and steal to gain and hold onto power and have done so for decades. They will suppress free speech, turn a blind eye to the violence of their supporters and will attempt to ostracize and marginalize anyone who disagrees with them. They make the society of Orwell’s 1984 look like a happy utopia.

And on top of all this they stick together, no matter what, in a way that would make the Kool Aid drinking followers of Jim Jones sick with jealousy. That is if they weren’t all dead already from blindly following a sick, twisted death cult. Kind of like the Democrat Caucus in Congress. Come to think of it, with their acceptance of infanticide through the murder of living babies in the name of abortion at any cost and at any stage of pregnancy, up to and including partial or full birth, and through constant calls by leading members of the Democrat Party to charge Trump supporters with treason, a crime punishable by death, the current Democrat Party (from here on in called the Democrat Socialist, or just plain Socialist Party) is the biggest death cult around. Maybe the Heaven’s Gate Party is a better name for them.

What else do we know?

We also know that a large part of the Republican Party are collaborators with the Democrats in the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

For too long now people have actually taken it serious that the R or D in front of some politicians name actually means anything. I love it when some talking head pundit claims their fascist talking point bears some kind of credibility because a Republican like the dead John McCain or the living dead Mitt Romney agree.

What they don’t get is that true patriots look upon people like them with as much contempt as is held for the aforementioned Sanders or AOC. They aren’t patriots and they certainly aren’t the opposition.

No… they are as much a part of the ruling class, Globalist establishment as any Rockefeller or Bush ever was and they too need to be shunned and dismissed with vigor.

We know that institutions we thought we could rely on have now become utterly compromised by the enemies of freedom. Just look at Chief Justice John Roberts who seems to have suddenly discovered his inner liberal. Either that or someone has some very interesting information about him that he suddenly was made aware of. You know, the kind of information where they tell him either play ball with the Great Reset agenda or have all of those skeletons make an appearance.

And the fact that the Supreme Court refused to even listen to the evidence of the obvious election fraud, including the three justices appointed by Trump, underscores the point that we cannot trust that supposedly independent branch of government to defend our freedom and liberty anymore.

They saw the destruction of our Constitution and free elections happening right before their eyes and chose to look the other way. Kind of like people who see an old lady fall down on the ice but can’t be bothered to stop and help because they are late for their Woman’s Studies class or are in a hurry to get that soy milk latte at Starbucks.

We know that many world leaders we thought were our friends are nothing more than those of the fair weather kind. Even Netanyahu waited all of about 30 seconds to congratulate Biden. As did most of Europe. Meanwhile Russia’s Putin, Mexico’s Obrador and Brazil’s Bolsonaro didn’t. No better time to find out who your friends really are than when the entire world seems to be against you.

We know that the biggest external threat we face are the Chinese Communists. You know, Biden’s buddies. Those mass murderers are rapidly expanding not only the size of their military but also its capabilities. They have hypersonic missiles which can penetrate any missile defense system we have, a growing navy of advanced naval ships with aircraft carrier killing rockets, millions of soldiers who have access to advanced weaponry and aircraft that can rival much of what we have.

All of this in numbers that would be an overwhelming force that would be tough to defend against. But probably most importantly they have the desire and the will to defeat us.

Do you really think an enfeebled, mentally deficient Biden who, along with his crackhead, hanger on son Hunter, who have been paid off by the Chinese Communists for decades, and the “slept her way into power” Kamala Harris, who is probably as far left as Chairman Mao ever was, stands a chance against those ruthless, blood thirsty, determined Communist bastards? Of course you don’t.

Is a third party answer?

The Libertarians have a lot of great ideas, for example, but their chance of winning any kind of majority is virtually zero. Better still to just take what ideas they have that are good and apply them elsewhere. And let’s face it, “elsewhere” right now is still the Republican Party. Or is it? (See this for more on that question)

As I said earlier, the Democrat Socialist Party is completely beyond redemption. From the office of dog catcher up through the Presidency if you vote for a Democrat Socialist you are accepting totalitarianism and better not come crying to the rest of us when they turn on you and drag you and your family out of your house in the middle of the night and send you off for re-education at the best, the bottom of a ditch at the worse.

The Republicans right now are just halfway beyond redemption so, like it or not, that probably has to be the vehicle we use to restore some sanity to this country for now. Which is a good segue into the “what’s next” portion of this.

So what is next?

Now what I would like to see happen next could be a couple of things. Trump could expose some truly diabolical shenanigan’s and lock Biden and the rest of them up at which time Congress realizes the shit show which has been going on during this election and votes Trump into his second term, or Trump gets the military on his side and simply refuses to leave and then proceeds to lock up all of the criminals who so obviously plotted a coup against this country and its electoral process. After all, if the election truly was illegitimate, as I and millions more believe it to be, Trump simply cannot accept the results. Now both of those are long shots so what else?

For one, our side also needs to stop being so polite and to stop running away from arguments with the people around us who have been brainwashed. Yes this can make for some uncomfortable dinner conversations, but that’s OK. It is imperative that those uncomfortable conversations are had. The other side doesn’t care if they offend you or ruin dinner so it’s time we didn’t either. We should not be ashamed of our stands on things and the opinions we have, and we absolutely should not, no…must not, be silent.

The truest way to see who is actually a friend is start talking politics. If you can have an intelligent and reasonable discussion that doesn’t devolve into name calling and yelling, and you end it by still talking about your kids grades in school or how you found a great way to control your crabgrass, than that is probably a friendship that will last. But if it ends with your “friend” storming out and defriending you on Facebook, good riddance.

Most of your friends and family who support the Democrat Socialists simply don’t know any better. They don’t know that their are other ways to get their news than CNN, Fox or Facebook. Show them where they can find Newsmax or Zero Hedge for example. Educate yourself and then educate them. If you get one out of a hundred to listen and to actually here what you are saying, it’s a win. (Find more alternatives here)

We also need a purge in the Republican Party. People like Senators Romney, Murkowski and Collins and every member of the so called “Lincoln Project” need to go. They are leftist progressives who are as bad for this country as any Democrat Socialist. We need to support people like Senators Cruz and Paul and Congressman Zeldin.

Don’t accept people simply because they have that “R” in front of their name. Remember, it’s because of those “R”‘s that we still have something like Obamacare still hanging around. McCain voted to keep it here and John Roberts justified it. Before you simply vote for an “R” know what their philosophy is and see who backs them. Go to ballotpedia.org or justfacts.votesmart.org to check someone’s voting record before voting for them.

Maybe most importantly be a rebel. Make those who fought and died for our freedom during the American Revolution proud. Fly your 13 star flag and study the US Constitution. Get informed and always, always fight. Our future as a free people depends on it.


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