We are in a cold civil war…

Cold civil war

…and we are losing.

“We”… being the people who love Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution

Where are we losing?

The Neo Fascists control the internet. Techno Fascist Twitter being the most fascist of them all. It goes without saying that if you still have Twitter loaded on your phone, if your Twitter account is still active or if you still own stock in Twitter, you are a collaborator in the destruction of the American Republic. You need to get rid of it all.

Stupid people, or really, really naïve people, say things like, “Well if you don’t like it then go start your own version of Twitter.” And then what happens? Just ask Parler. They went out and started a very successful alternative to Twitter and look at what is happening to them.

Apple and Google, two other Techno Fascist companies, removed Parler from their app stores so now you can’t download the app from either. That’s bad, but it need not be the end. That happened to Gab, another free speech haven, and they have survived. But then, in a coordinated, monopolistic act of collusion, Amazon comes along and pulls Parler’s web hosting for supposedly spreading violence. This, for all intents and purposes can kill them. That’s what happens when you “go start your own” thing and it isn’t something that is subservient to the totalitarian left.

 Meanwhile, Amazon bans Parler for allegedly advocating violence, but they allow merchants selling “Kill All Republicans” t-shirts, or another selling  hoodies that encourage you to “Kill Everyone You Meet” to continue profiting from calls for actual violence. Hypocrites who don’t care how it looks because they believe they own you.

But it’s not just companies that promote free speech and have an anti-leftist bent such as Parler that are feeling the wrath of your Techno Fascist Overlords. Amazon affiliate Go Daddy deplatformed the popular gun talk website AR15.com because, according to Go Daddy, they violated their terms of service by promoting violence. A load of bullshit.  Thank God that unlike Parler, the site was able to get back up and running on a new platform. The big tech left is out to destroy anything and anybody that does not conform to their beliefs.

And you also need to start weaning yourself off the others like Facebook and Google.

Where else are we losing?

How about in the courts?

“But we have a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court” you say? And how did that work out for us when we tried to expose the 2020 election fraud? The three people Trump himself nominated turned coward. Not to mention Chief Justice Roberts who must have been presented with some pretty interesting skeletons in his closet based on how far left he has drifted. Then again, what did you expect from a Bush man? Never mind the fact that a supposed “President” Biden and his fellow destroyers of Liberty will probably move quickly to “correct” that “conservative majority” by adding two or four more justices to the court for good measure. And the fact that Trump and his team couldn’t even get their day in court to present their case shows just how compromised our courts are as well. No…we can’t rely on the courts either it seems.

Where else are we losing?

Sports and entertainment.

The schools.

The main stream media.

We are also losing in the electoral system because the other side is way better at cheating in elections than we are and we need to work on perfecting that skill. “But cheatings not good, it’s not fair!” you say? You may be right, but because of the Techno Fascists like Twitter, a subservient court system and traitorous Republicans, cheating has now been institutionalized as acceptable in America. Just like all of the Banana Republics the left loves so much.

It’s not pretty out there for freedom loving people.

But what is probably the biggest area we are losing?

Cohesion. Unity. Sticking together.

Do you think a single Democrat would have voted to Impeach a Democrat President…FOR A SECOND TIME…on some trumped up, bullshit charges without giving that President his due process? Based on a lie that that President caused an insurrection when in fact it was the accusers who may actually have caused it, but at the very least allowed it to happen? Would a Democrat Senate Majority Leader express in public that he thinks it’s a good idea to impeach a Democrat President?

 Of course not.

As much as I despise the Neo Fascist Democrats, I admire some things about them. They never surrender, they always stick together, they purge anyone who subverts them from within, and they have a clear vision of what they are trying to accomplish. They also don’t ever compromise. They only expect your surrender. Not only that, they have managed to get half of their so-called opposition (a.k.a. the Republican Party) to go along. It’s breathtaking what they have been able to accomplish. Don’t get me wrong here, I despise everything about them and what they stand for, but I think you get my point.

Speaking of the Republicans, probably a good half of them are a disgrace. For the most part they are the weak, ineffective lap dogs of an establishment class who have no moral compass and seek only to accept whatever scraps their true masters on the left will throw them. They are the Vichy French, the Quislings, and the Benedict Arnolds of the present day.

It very well may be time that Trump jettisons the useless Republican Party and take his 75 million voters into a new party.

“Well I don’t like this one bit,” you say. “What can we do about it?”

The first thing you have to do is look in the mirror and be really honest with yourself. What have you done, or not done, that helped us get into this situation? Did you just wake up today and realize what’s happening to our country?

Did you blindly vote for people because they had that “R” in front of their name? People like McCain or Romney who were really no better than the person they were running against?

Have you ignored what’s been happening for all these years? The jobs being lost to the Communist Chinese?  The subversion of our schools to leftist propaganda? And so on?

Believing the lies of the main stream media without taking the time to question what they are saying and doing your own research to get to the truth?

If that was you in the past don’t beat yourself up over it too much. Take heart in the fact that by your reading this shows that perhaps your eyes are opening now. If your eyes are open now that is a great thing because the only way we can win is by getting people who were once asleep to wake up.

The other thing is to never, ever vote for someone else again simply because of the party they belong to. It is absolutely imperative that you look at what their philosophy on governing is. You can tell this partly by taking note of who they support and who supports them. Are they endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce? They probably could care less about border security and stopping illegal immigration. Are they backed by a union like SEIU? They might as well openly join the Communist Party USA. Do they agree with Senator Susan Collins and Ben Sasse a lot? Talking about “compromising” and “bi-partisanship”? Then they are a lost cause.

One great thing Trump has done is to make all of these people expose their true colors and now we can act accordingly.

Remember, what we are fighting against is an ideology, a philosophy. Not a political party. It just so happens that the entire Democrat Party can be written off at all levels so that part is easy. Anyone with a “D” by their name should never, ever get your vote at this point in time. The tricky part is with those “R”s.  Many of them like the Romney’s and Murkowski’s are just as progressive and just as totalitarian as Schumer and Pelosi. You have to dig a little and do a little research before you vote because it is something that you should take very seriously.

The thing too about this cold civil war we are in right now is that the other side has no fear about making it a hot one.  They spent the summer of 2020 doing just that when they rampaged through the streets of America’s big cities, looting and burning innocent people’s small businesses and homes down to the ground. Did the main stream media report it that way? Come on now you know the answer to that! Collaborating journalists would stand in front of a burning business district and claim the insurrection going on behind them, the real insurrection being led by Marxists and other leftists like BLM and Antifa, were actually “peaceful protests”!

So what you also need to do is go out and get yourself a firearm and practice using it.

But really the most important thing you need to do is pray to God. Pray to him for the wisdom to see what is really going on, for the ability to find the truth, to dispense the justice needed to bring down those who are trying to destroy our freedom’ Pray for him to save our country. If prayer has not been a part of your life up until now it needs to become one.

Because the only way we will win is with God’s help.

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