Ukraine Reality Check

Time for a Ukraine reality check. The overwhelming odds are that Ukraine is going to lose this war with Russia one way or another.

They may not lose in the sense that Russia is going to conquer the whole country (which wasn’t Russia’s stated intent anyway), the Ukrainian people’s tougher than expected resistance and Russia’s seemingly inept war-making abilities seems to be making that a moot point, but they will lose in a myriad of other ways.

Actually, in many respects, they have already lost. Bombed out cities, a depleted military, Russia occupying huge chunks of territory, and an economy in shambles doesn’t sound like a win to me. In spite of all of the happy talk coming from the media and politicians here in the US and Ukraine, as well as the overblown positive propaganda coming out of Kyiv, Ukraine is not in good shape.

The Russians have been here before. Late in 1939, they got the bright idea to pick on a much smaller neighbor also. In that case, it was Finland. They demanded concessions from Finland which Finland refused so Stalin decided to invade.

Much like today in Ukraine, Finland put up a heroic defense. They inflicted massive causalities on a poorly led Soviet Army during the initial stages of the war.  The embarrassed and bloodied Soviet Army regrouped and then resumed the attack with much greater success.

After a few months, Finland lost.

They weren’t occupied by the Soviets, but they were forced to cede huge areas of territory to Stalin.

Something Ukraine is probably going to have to live with as well.

Like the Finns in 1939, the Ukrainians today are putting up a heroic resistance. They too have bogged the Russian Army down and seem to be inflicting a lot more causalities on them than anyone expected.

But now there have been reports of more Russian reinforcements coming in from the Far East.

Much like when fresh troops from the Far East were thrown into the war against the Germans in WW2, this would not be a good development for Ukraine if true.

Trying Hard to Get Us Involved

None of that bodes well for the Ukrainians, and they seem to know this.

The rhetoric coming from Ukrainian leaders is getting a lot shriller, panicked, desperate, and, quite frankly, a lot more insulting.

Desperate calls from Ukrainian leaders demanding that NATO “close the skies” over Ukraine have, thankfully, been ignored to this point. Not for lack of trying by the corporate media in this country to get us involved, with their endless stories of families getting killed and homes being wrecked, as if you would expect something different in a modern war.

A petulant and hyperbolic Ukrainian President Zelensky has taken to insulting the West in general and demanding we get involved in a shooting war with Russia that he hopes to achieve by shaming us and with apparent attempts to insult our manhood. He’s even taken to blaming the west for Ukrainian civilians getting killed by Russian bombs and throwing crazy, unhinged accusations out there that our mainstream media regurgitates without any kind of critical questioning around it.

Meanwhile, Zelensky is handing out weapons to untrained civilians and urging them to make Molotov cocktails to attack Russian armor. So when those untrained civilians get cut down by the Russians, is that on us, the Russians or Zelensky? It’s certainly not on us but Zelensky seems to think it is.

Zelensky also seems to be best buds with Biden, Canadian Fascist Justin Trudeau, has ties to a bunch of nefarious global organizations like the World Economic Forum, is supported by leftist billionaire George Soros, and is the darling of our lying corporate media, all of which has rapidly made him very unappealing to me.

Zelensky and Fascist Trudeau…best buds!

Lies Got Us Here

That being said, Zelensky and Ukraine are only in this mess because we in the West made him believe he stood a chance of joining our club. GW Bush and other Presidents have been pushing for decades for Ukraine to become a member of NATO in spite of the fact that the Russians had made it very clear this would not be acceptable to them. And any rational, objective person can see their point.

When the Soviet Union fell the West missed a golden opportunity to help forge a new, friendly, Russia that was in the process of shaking off decades of Communist repression. Instead of helping them rebuild and bringing them closer to us, we chose to continue to treat them as the same Soviet enemy.

Then we rubbed salt in their wounds by expanding NATO eastward when we had made assurances we wouldn’t. Rather than build trust and cooperation, we spread mistrust and antagonism. All for no good reason. We said we wanted to spread eastward as a bulwark against some fantastical possible future Russian invasion of Western Europe at a time when they could barely put food in their grocery stores, but never seemed to think for one second that maybe it would have been better to treat Russia as a potential ally and friend. We did it with Germany and Japan after WW2, why not with Russia at the end of the cold war? My guess is partly because the leaders we have put forth over the last several decades are just not that bright.

So fast forward to the past few years and the ones paying the price for all of this is the Ukrainian people because their leaders also weren’t bright enough to see what was being done to them.

In the end, it’s always the people who suffer.

As for those civilian casualties…it is a horrific tragedy because war is hell. Especially for the innocent people caught up in it. And there hasn’t been a war in the past several centuries that has not involved some degree of civilian death and destruction. For all the hype over “smart” weapons nowadays, the vast majority of the ordnance used in war is of the “dumb” variety that goes where it wants and doesn’t care who’s in its way.

So the corporate media in this country, with its blaring headlines about dead children and bombed-out schools, is doing its best to create some kind of groundswell of demand from the people in this country to send our American boys and girls off to die in some east European hellhole where we have zero national interest. Thank God no such groundswell has occurred in spite of the fact that you have people who are supposed to be Conservative, like Sean Hannity, who I typically will tolerate, mouthing off some idiocy that we should be bombing Russian troops. Or Senator Lindsay Graham, one of the bigger jackasses in the Republican Party, calling for the assassination of Putin.

And how do you truly know that anything you are seeing in the endless 24-hour coverage of this war is true?

“Don’t believe the hype!” …Flavor Flav

How do you know what is really going on in Ukraine? Because you watch the news you think you are getting the true picture of what is happening over there? Do you think that the same mainstream media who lied to you over the past few years about Trump being a Russian puppet is suddenly telling you the truth about what is happening in Ukraine? Do you think that supposedly Conservative Fox News doesn’t have some agenda they are pushing? The same network that regularly features warmongers like Lindsay Graham and General Jack Keane? Are you that naïve?

Do you want to believe the same media who for years now have told you that inflation is transitory, that lockdowns, masks, and “vaccines” stop the spread of Covid, that our election system is safe, and that your health insurance premiums wouldn’t go up?

Your government lies…Transitory my ass…

The same media who is currently whitewashing Ukraine’s Nazi past (and present) because it doesn’t fit the narrative of Russia Bad-Ukraine Good?

The truth is Ukraine contributed tens of thousands of troops to Hitler’s war machine and to this very day Zelensky has even integrated an alleged Nazi-sympathizing military unit, the Azov Battalion, into the Ukrainian military.

Look similar, don’t they?

So when Putin says he launched his invasion partly to “De-Nazify” the country, there actually is evidence to support what he says. Does our mainstream media say that? Of course they don’t. That doesn’t fit the warmonger narrative.

The big news over the past few days is that the Russians are allegedly targeting civilians on purpose. Like that maternity hospital they supposedly bombed. How would you know that’s true? How do you know that the Ukrainians wouldn’t do it to themselves to drum up support for their demands that we get involved militarily in their war? Be truthful and admit that you don’t.

Pot…Meet Kettle

Russians are bombing cities which is obviously bad and we are making them out to be demons on earth for it, but was it any less bad when NATO bombed cities in Kosovo, Serbia, and Libya back into the Stone Age? What’s the difference? Or when we laid waste to Iraqi cities and civilians during George Bush’s deceitful war in that country? A war built on even more lies (Hussein was actively involved with Al Qaeda and those Weapons of Mass Destruction we must still be looking for)?

A bombed-out Ukrainian city by the Russians?
No… a Libyan city after NATO got through with it.

Do you really believe all of what you are watching on the news? Or do you think that perhaps some of what you are seeing is being staged to push a narrative?

Kind of like the British guy who recently went into Ukraine to see for himself what was going on and had a hard time finding all of the supposed death, destruction, and humanitarian crisis he was seeing on his TV back at home. Is what he is reporting true? I don’t know. Could it be? Yes, it could.

And now there seems to be evidence emerging that;

  1. Ukraine was planning to invade the Russia friendly Donbass region and was only thwarted by Russia invading Ukraine instead
  2. The US may have been involved in a biological warfare program on Ukrainian soil

Have you seen either of those revelations being blasted all over corporate media other than by the ever great Tucker Carlson?

Of course not.

If Russia or China was running bio-weapons labs in Mexico do you think we would be alarmed? If the Mexicans were allowing this, wouldn’t we have the right to hold them accountable for it?

Oh, wait a minute! I know what’s going on! Those bioweapon labs in Ukraine are actually Saddam Hussein’s long lost “Weapons of Mass Destruction” we had destroyed Iraq over but never found!

GW is vindicated!

Blind Belief is not Patriotic

I get it. We desperately want to believe “our side” is right and just and pure. But that’s just not how the world works. As a country, we must not be so blind by wanting to be patriotic, that we allow ourselves to be duped by wholly unpatriotic people pushing an agenda that for the most part, we have no idea what it is. When our own people, whether in government or media lie to us, it’s actually not patriotic to just believe it. It’s the opposite of patriotism. Being patriotic means challenging everything and not believing everything you see, read or hear just because it’s coming from “our side”.

As far as what kind of narrative is being pushed by our ruling elites? It could be as simple as money and power.

It’s big bucks to replace all of those weapons being used and to rebuild those cities.

So now all of this is doing nothing but distracting us from confronting our real enemy, Communist China, and defending a real ally, Taiwan. An ally if for no other reason than they supply most of the world’s semiconductors.

As Reuters points out…“In dominating the fabrication of the most advanced semiconductors, the giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd (TSMC) has captured a technology that’s crucial to the cutting-edge digital devices and weapons of today and tomorrow. TSMC accounts for more than 90% of global output of these chips, according to industry estimates.”

What happens if and when a hostile CCP (Chinese Communist Party) invades Taiwan and they seize control of that semiconductor industry? Then they have us by the balls and there won’t be a damned thing we can do about it except to surrender. Surrender our dignity, our pride, and most importantly…our freedom, to our real enemy the CCP.

We also need to be very careful about sending the hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of military supplies to a corrupt country in Eastern Europe that has no strategic value to us and will more than likely end up in the hands of the Russians once they lose (kind of like how the Taliban is now running around with $80 billion of US taxpayer-funded military equipment in Afghanistan), when in all truthfulness that equipment should go to Taiwan if nowhere else.

There was a time when the majority of the media in this country was a truly independent voice. People in the media didn’t so much care about party or agendas but were focused on facts and the truth. You could watch a broadcast and feel pretty confident that the person on it was simply reporting and not commentating. Sadly, especially over the past few years, that has gone away. Even the simplest banalest news report can’t be trusted. Whether it’s your local news station or a national one, you have to be skeptical of everything and do your research. It takes time to do it but you have to.

When it comes to the details about this war in Ukraine none of us can say we know for sure what is going on over there. Unfortuantely the news we get here in America nowadays is subjected to as much bias and propaganda as the news the Russian people get from their media and government. For the most part, our mainstream media and government have become just as unreliable and untrustworthy as theirs.

That’s why I’m not so quick to follow everyone else out there blithely saying “Russia Bad – Ukraine Good!” and you shouldn’t either. Do your homework!

America has gone off the rails because we let it.

It’s time to take it back.

Resist Tyranny!

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