The Mob Won – Chauvin Found Guilty of Murdering of George Floyd

Mob Justice

Are you really surprised that Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts? There was a time in America when you would have been. Back when evidence meant something and people weren’t found guilty because of a single photograph and threats of violence from a mob. Not anymore. Know this is true, the mob won – Chauvin found guilty of murdering George Floyd is a farce of epic proportions.

And this mob has enabled us to now have our very own show trials just like in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Trials where facts and evidence don’t matter because a certain outcome is desired and a narrative needs to be pushed. In this case, a scapegoat was needed to put on exhibit to say, “See! America is full of racist white cops who go out to intentionally murder innocent black people!” None of which is true.

Show trial just like Chauvins
Roland Freisler (l), Chief Judge of the Nazi “People’s Court”, speaks to a defendant.

And the mob isn’t just the left-wing domestic terrorists like Black Lives Matter who spent their time burning down our cities and looting businesses, even minority businesses, assaulting innocent people, crushing freedom of speech, and getting people fired from their jobs all year long.

Oh no. They are not the only mob.

The mob is also the media that lies and lies and lies to forward a leftist agenda.

The mob are politicians like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Chuckie Schumer, and the rest who drum up hatred and violence against people who disagree with them, advocate for riots while bearing no consequences for it,  and lie and lie and lie about everything.

The mob is woke corporations like Coca-Cola, Facebook, Twitter, and Delta Airlines who give money to the domestic terrorists at BLM spread racist Critical Race Theory at their businesses, crush freedom of speech everywhere, and dream of a fascist utopia that they will enable and then rule over.

The mob is any one of your neighbors, friends, or family members who buy into leftist bullshit like “white privilege”, “systemic racism”, “equity” instead of equality and “equality of outcomes”.

They are all part of the mob.

We now live in a society where facts don’t matter when determining guilt or innocence, but a bad photograph and threats of burning down cities do.

BLM Burn Loot Murder
The fruits of BLM

Never mind that the dead violent criminal had enough fentanyl in his system to kill him three times. Never mind the dead violent criminal had an enlarged heart due to a deteriorating medical condition aggravated by his rampant drug use. Never mind that the dead violent criminal’s neck showed no signs whatsoever of the trauma you would expect to see when the mob tells you he was choked to death by someone’s knee.  Never mind that the dead violent criminal put himself in the situation that got him killed by breaking the law, resisting arrest, and doing drugs. Never mind any of that because boy oh boy did that picture of Chauvin restraining Floyd look bad.

Does that sound harsh? Maybe. But sometimes the truth is. That doesn’t mean George Floyd deserved to die. But if the jackass had just listened to the cops he would still be alive today. And he was a jackass due to his violent criminal history, his abuse of drugs, and resisting arrest. If he had just listened to the cops billions of dollars in damage wouldn’t have been inflicted on cities across America by BLM and their sycophantic supporters. If he had just listened to the cops a man who was out there just doing his job to protect the very neighborhood that Floyd lived in from the likes of people just like Floyd wouldn’t be facing the unjust prospect of rotting in a jail cell perhaps for the rest of his life.

And before we go on blaming Chauvin for Floyd’s death, know who else we can blame for the death of George Floyd besides himself? I have some thoughts about that as well.

How about groups like Black Lives Matter? That’s right. They hold some of the blame in every death of every minority who resists being arrested and then winds up dead. Rather than spending millions on pushing the notion and preaching that cops are the enemy of minorities and all cops are racist, maybe they should be teaching people that when a cop approaches you the first thing you should do is listen to what they are saying and do what you are told. Especially if you know that you were doing something wrong in the first place.

BLM has such a hatred for police that they call for them to be assaulted and even murdered on a regular basis. Calls that BLM supporters act upon regularly.

BLM wants to kill cops
BLM wants cops dead

BLM’s violent rhetoric about the police leads to another intended consequence in the outright defiance of and disrespectful behavior to anyone wearing a police uniform. This attitude of defiance not only leads to the disrespecting of police on a daily basis, such as dumping water on the heads of NYPD cops, but it also leads stupid people to feel that resisting arrest or running from cops is actually a smart thing to do. It’s that attitude of disrespect of the police which will get people killed. And that falls right at the feet of groups like BLM and politicians like Maxine Waters, Rashida Tlaib, and the illegitimate “VP” Kamala Harris.

Disrespecting the police

If a cop comes to question you about the fake $20 bill you were trying to unload at some poor deli owner’s store, and the cop says get out of the car, how about BLM teaches people to listen to the cop?

If a cop pulls you over and tells you to show your hands and step out of the car, how about you just accept the fact that you are in a shitty situation and just do it?

If a cop knows you have a gun don’t run away from him with that gun in your hand and then turn to face him.

If a cop pulls you over turn off your car and put your hands where he can see them. Don’t mouth off and realize that the cop is just some other regular guy out there trying to do his job. A job that gets more difficult every day because people like those in BLM demonize him or her at every turn.

Do those things because it might save your life.

No. Instead we have people and groups like BLM out there telling people that all of America is racist, especially cops, and they should fear the police. All lies. It’s no wonder these half-wits wind up trying to flee or resist and wind up dead.

BLM loves to burn things
BLM hates the police

And all of those nut jobs out there begging for the police to be abolished may not have to wait long for police departments across the country to cease to exist. Not because of the efforts of left-wing activists and idiotic politicians like Rashida Tlaib and the Queen of all nitwit politicians, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but because what right-minded person would want to be a cop anymore?

Does that sound harsh too? Maybe. But it’s true. Seeking out a career in law enforcement in this day and age would be an act of epic stupidity. And I don’t say that lightly. I have many friends and family members in law enforcement. Thank God most of them have retired already or are about to.

Why would anyone…anyone in their right mind want to be a cop anymore?

So you can go out there, do your job, following your training and wind up in prison because some jerkoff drug addict resists you? To risk your life and your family’s well-being trying to keep communities that hate you safe? To have bricks and bottles thrown at you and your idiot bosses don’t let you defend yourself? Why would you want that?

BLM tossing bricks and bottles
BLM throwing bottles and bricks at cops

As more and more people realize this, people wanting to become cops, especially in big cities run by leftists, will be less and less.

And then what?

Do you think shit is bad in big cities like New York now? HAH! Wait and see what happens when they can’t hire anyone to be cops anymore.

Part of me says let them cities burn. When stupid people elect stupid politicians and listen to stupid, racist groups like BLM, they get what they deserve.

Before the verdict came down one of Floyd’s family members was outside saying that no matter what the verdict is, even if Chauvin was guilty on all three counts, it wouldn’t matter. After the verdict was announced the left, including the illegitimate Biden said much of the same thing. They claim “justice was not done.” That’s what you’re dealing with. They are not happy with their pound of flesh. They want all of it.

So the mob won – Chauvin found guilty of murdering George Floyd is being celebrated by many across the country. But one of Floyd’s family members also said something that many people like me will actually agree with her on, she doesn’t trust the judicial system and neither do I. Not anymore. Not when a mob incited by a sitting Congresswoman can threaten not only a jury but the entire country with violence to get the outcome they desire.

I see where this is going and it isn’t good. Especially for white people. Even more so for white cops.

BLM assaulting a white elderly man
BLM assaulting elderly white man

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