The Lies You’ve Been Told

You are living with some lies that I wanted to make sure you know about. It’s important that you learn about the lies you’ve been told so we can save our country from the radicals. This is by no means an exhaustive list and if you don’t believe what I write, I encourage you to investigate for yourself.

First some truths:

“Leftist” equals “Democrat”, “Socialist”, “Communist”, “Progressive” and “Fascist”. They are all essentially cut from the same cloth of totalitarianism which means big government, collectivism and suppression of freedom

“Right” does not necessarily mean “Republican”. It means people who believe in Freedom, Liberty, Individualism and less government.

I have simplified the sides into “left” and “right” although in reality there is a lot of grey in between.

Also, there are plenty of Leftists in the Republican Party, but there are no Rightists in the Democrat Party.

OK, now let’s start with an easy lie.

The left helps minorities.

The left in general and the Democrat Party in particular, is the ideology and party of the KKK, segregation and slavery.

They have used government power to keep all people, but in particular minorities, under their heel both socially and economically for generations. Inner city ghettos were designed to concentrate poor minorities into single areas to prevent them from seeking opportunity in more affluent and stable ones. Those areas are designed to be economically depressed in order to keep the minority populations living in them dependent upon the government, a government run by leftists. The leftist politicians in power keep this cycle of dependency alive in order to keep the population living in those ghettos voting for leftists. The racist leftist politicians in control of those areas tell the people living there that they are poor because the Republicans, white people, rich people, and anyone else but the leftist politicians who are the actual culprits, have done that to them. Because of the absolute destruction of the education system in those areas brought about by the leftist backed Teachers Unions and leftist policies, the people don’t have the critical thinking skills necessary to decipher exactly what is happening to them. It’s no coincidence that the poorest, most crime ridden areas are in jurisdictions run by leftists. It has been designed that way by the leftists to keep themselves in power.

Meanwhile the right is the side that wants to get the government off of your back and out of your pocket. The right believes that every individual has the inner potential to be successful. The right does not believe you need the government to “help” you in all but the direst of circumstances. The right has respect for your ability to succeed and believes the assumption that you need an outside force or agency (i.e. the government) to help you succeed is insulting and probably even racist.

The right believes in treating all people equally and fairly because we are all made in the image of God no matter our racial background.

The left believes in segregating people into groups based especially on race, but also by religion, economic status and a myriad of other classifications that have nothing to do with the character of the person.

The left uses identity politics to create and perpetuate division among the people so they can hold onto their power while the people fight each other.

The right sees all people as equals, and believes that power should rest in our hands, not the hands of those who purposefully divide us for their own gain.

Racist Democrat Biden

Next lie: The right are fascists and the left are not.

Fascism is an ideology of the left.

The central tenet of Fascism is that the State is all powerful. The left worships the State and government as fervently as if it were a religion. Today’s Democrat Party being the most ardent of its disciples.

Fascists believe that government will be controlled by “experts” who know better than the average person the way in which society should be run. In today’s America our so called “experts” hail from leftist indoctrination camps like Harvard, Yale and the higher education system in general.

Fascists allow private businesses to exist, but only under the crushing rules and regulations imposed on them by government. And businesses are only allowed to exist as long as they serve the ruling class, not the individual. In America today the Democrat Party is the main party of government/private sector collusion. It is mainly the Democrat Party which burdens business with rules and regulations that stifle growth. In New York City for example, a leftist hell hole, there are literally hundreds of rules and regulations required to open a new business. It is the Democrat Party who leads the way in choosing winners and losers with the winners invariably being those with whom the government finds favor.

Fascists work in collusion with industries and corporations to keep the people in line and controlled. Fascists do not believe in the free expression of the individual and most certainly do not believe in the freedom of speech, freedom to peaceably assemble, freedom of religion or any of the other principles America was founded upon. It is the left in America today who are stifling free speech, silencing dissenting voices, punishing those who hold different views from them. It is the left who allow rioters to burn down cities and allows mobs to roam freely through our communities harassing and assaulting people. It is the left in this country who despises religion and mocks you for your faith. All hallmarks of Fascism.

Fascists manipulate language to do their bidding and embrace lying as an essential means to secure power. Hence, a noisy protest at the US Capitol on January 6th, where five people unfortunately lost their lives (two from natural causes, one crushed by the crowd, one shot by the police, and one cop who was hit with a fire extinguisher) is an “insurrection”, while endless leftist riots in cities throughout the nation which caused over 30 deaths and untold billions of dollars in damage are “peaceful protests”.

It is important to point out that Hitler was not right wing and neither was Mussolini, as many people believe. Their belief in the supremacy of government and collectivism over freedom and individualism is a left wing ideology more at home with the leftists in America today, such as the Democrat Party. The suppression of free speech, the persecution of religious people, especially Christians, the use of powerful government agencies against political enemies, as Obama did, and the creation of big lies to serve their means are all aspects that would have been just as at home in Hitler’s Germany, or Stalin’s Russia, as they are in today’s American left as seen in the Democrat Party.

Next lie: Leftists believe in free speech and are tolerant of others.

At one point over the summer BLM decided to come to my neighborhood and hold a protest. There were hundreds of them of which the vast majority were not from my town. As they rabble roused in the street one of the main agitators grabbed a Trump flag from a passing car and proceeded to drag it along the ground. When he dropped it, I walked out into the middle of that lion’s den, picked up the flag and proudly waved it over my head.

What did I get for this expression of free speech?

I was immediately set upon by the mob. They screamed in my face that they wanted me to die. They called me a “racist”. They called me a “bitch”. They kicked the bicycle I was sitting on and threw water bottles at me. As the crowd around me grew and became more violent, I left.

That’s what the left thinks of free speech and tolerance. And my experience was relatively tame compared to many other people’s experiences with a leftist mob.

Today’s collusion between those on the left in the Democrat Party and the tech titans such as Facebook and Twitter, is as clear an example of fascism as you will ever see. Using the special status granted them by the government these Techno Fascist social media giants use their government endorsed power to suppress and destroy the free exchange of ideas and challenges to their dominance under the guise of self serving terms such as “preventing violence”. Meanwhile, those very Techno Fascist giants say and do nothing about the mayhem committed by their philosophical allies. They say nothing about the violence pushed for on their platforms by people from their side. It’s only those with whom they disagree that get suppressed. All under the protection of the leftists in government.

The left does not believe in free speech and are the most intolerant people you will ever meet.

Next lie: Leftists are for the working man.

For one, this lie has existed for so long because unions have largely been in the back pocket of the Democrat Party for decades. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) for example, donated over $30 million to leftist politicians and organizations in 2020. Years ago the lie was built that unions exist for the working man. That alone is a lie that needs to be squashed as well. Unions are not for the working man, unions are for union workingmen only. In New York you’ll often see a giant inflatable rat outside of work sites employing non union labor. The rat is manned by working man union people who are very angry that non union working people are earning a living to support their family. Why are the unions so mad at these non union folks who are simply trying to support their families? Because those non union people are not kicking money back up to the big union bosses in the form of union membership fees and dues.

Meanwhile, those on the right believe that everyone should be allowed to work who is able to find a job and that you shouldn’t have to join a union in order to find gainful employment. People on the right believe you have a right to work without having to pay tribute to a union. People on the left believe joining a union somehow makes you more qualified to do a job than someone who does not belong to a union. People on the left believe a job done by union people is somehow qualitatively better than if a non union person did it. All lies.

Let’s also talk about how leftist policies are inherently bad for the workingman. Higher taxes, more regulation and endless bureaucracy that stifle innovation and creativity are all hallmarks of the left. All of those things hurt the workingman. The leftist answer to the economic mayhem their statist policies result in is met by cries for even more government involvement, more government regulation and even higher taxes, thereby accelerating then downward death spiral of the working man’s home economy. Whereas people on the right want to free the workingman from the chains of leftist serfdom by reducing taxes, cutting regulations and giving everyone the ability to go out and innovate, create, and build, with minimal interference from useless bureaucrats who only desire to crush the individualistic spirit of those who create

Another lie has been that big corporations favor Republicans.

In 2020 Google’s parent Alphabet donated over 80% of their $21 million in political donations to Democrats (7% to Republicans), as did 75% of Microsoft’s $17 million (14% to Republicans), 86% of Amazon’s $8.9 million (14% to republicans), and 80% of Facebook’s $6 million (10% to Republicans). 17 of the top 21 Fortune 500 corporations gave the vast majority of their political donations to Democrats from the years 2007 to 2017.

Corporations also poured money into the leftist and openly Marxist Black Lives Matter organization as well. Microsoft, Amazon, Pepsico, Mondelez, and countless other corporations have poured over $1 BILLION into this radical group whose main purpose is to push a Marxist revolution in America. Who else supports BLM? That’s right, the Democrat Party and other leftists. What does Marxism mean to the workingman? Just ask the people who have lived in Venezuela where the leftism there has people eating garbage to survive.

So yes, it is an outright lie to say that leftists are in favor of the workingman.

Next lie: Leftists care about the environment.

And I’m not talking about the average person in the street who wants to go out and clean up the local waterways or stop the local business from dumping toxins into the river. For the most part their hearts are in the right place. What sane person wouldn’t be against some moron dumping toxic waste into the local water supply?

What I’m talking about is the bigger picture. How many environmentalists and environmentalist organizations are nothing but “watermelons”. That is, green on the outside but red (i.e. Communist) on the inside. They see environmentalism as a way to undermine capitalist systems to further a radical, leftist agenda. And it hasn’t been hard for them to find a bunch of stoolies to go out there and help them preach their propaganda.

Back in 2019 there was an event which took place in Italy dubbed Google Camp where all of the leftist A Listers like Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry were going to get together to talk about how horrible a thing “climate change” is and how we must do everything, even give up our most basic rights and freedoms, to fight it. And how did they get to this big environmentalist event? Did they walk or take bicycles! Nope. Did they even car pool in electric cars? Of course not! Oh no, they arrived in private jets, over 114 of them, and private yachts as well!

It’s hilarious to watch celebrities preach their climate change hysteria while flying around in private jets.

Leftists do not care about the environment as much as they care about using the environment to consolidate even more power for their big government dreams.

Take the so called Green New Deal made famous by everyone’s favorite low IQ bar maid AOC. You know, the idiot Congresswoman who said unemployment was low “because everyone has two jobs”. Yes her.

The Green New Deal is the leftist plan to ban air travel, eliminate 99% of cars and give everyone a government funded job and a house, among other insane ideas. It has been called a “Communist Manifesto for the 21st Century” because it isn’t just about the environment. It is chock full of plans to radically transform American society itself into one in which the State is supreme.

Who supports this insanity?

Your new illegitimate Vice President does and several other leftists who have found their way into the illegitimate Biden administration. There’s also close to 100 other leftist Democrats who co-sponsored this garbage. This piece of insanity is more about gaining more power than it has to do with the environment. Because the only way these leftists can transform our country into the larger version of Venezuela is if they have unbridled power. And what better way to gain unbridled power than to claim there is an “environmental crisis” occurring which calls for these very smart “experts” to set things right?

And the lies don’t stop.

Joe Biden told George Stephanopoulos during an October 2020 Town Hall:

“I have this strange notion, we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

Just one week into his illegitimate presidency, Biden has signed more than thirty two executive orders. He’s signing them so fast he doesn’t even know what he is putting his name on.

How does this compare to other recent Presidents?

President Trump signed four in his first week in 2017; Obama signed five in 2009; President George W. Bush signed Zero in his first week in 2001; and President Bill Clinton signed one in 1993.

Biden is a liar.

And now, like the true Fascists they are, the compliant, subservient, collaborating media will allow these leftists to get away with it. The Jeff Bezos (of Amazon) owned Washington Post for example, (which may as well change its name to the Völkischer Beobachter or Pravda), announced recently that after four years of scrutinizing every one of Trump’s words for “lies”, they won’t  be doing the same thing to Biden. The reason? They will “assume” Biden is telling the truth. Can their Fascism be any more in your face?

But don’t worry; if you want to see how often Biden lies, just check back with The Federalist often. The Fascists haven’t shut them down yet.

They lie about so much…

They lied that Trump colluded with the Russians.

They lied when they said, “You can keep your Doctor.”

They lied when they said, “No new taxes!”

They lie when they say they want “unity” and “bi-partisanship”.

They lie and lie and lie.

It’s your job to find the truth.

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