The Death of Equality

The Death of Equality

So you thought Civil Rights was about equality? Oh no. Not anymore. Now it’s about “equity”. In fact, the left wants to see the death of equality.

The left seems to have determined that all of the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement, all of the pain that people have endured, and all of the progress that millions of people fought and are fighting for, is misguided and misdirected because the equality being sought isn’t “fair”. What they now believe the Civil Rights Movement should be fighting for is a perverted version of “equity”.

There is ample evidence that the death of equality is a top priority of the left. Because equality to them, in their twisted, deranged leftist minds is somehow linked to their racist belief in “white privilege” and a non-existent rampant “white supremacy” which they believe makes equality impossible. Impossible that is unless we treat other people who are not part of their protected identities with inequality.

Oh they will claim that their desire for “equity” will result in equality but don’t believe it. It’s a lie.

It’s all because of that “White Privilege”

“White privilege” is another fabrication of the left which says that all white people receive a kind of hidden advantage just for being white. It allows them to say preposterous things like some poor white guy living in a trailer park somewhere contemplating suicide has an advantage over some rich black person, say like Oprah (net worth over $2.6 BILLION), just because his skin is white and hers isn’t. It’s lunacy (See more about that here).

The belief in the “white privilege /white supremacy” lie allows people to write virulently racist things such as, “Whiteness is a public health crisis,” and still hold onto their job as an Editor in Chief instead of being fired, ridiculed, ostracized and driven away in shame as any white person would be if they had written, “Blackness is a public health crisis.”

Damon Young is the Editor in Chief of Very Smart Brothas, which is a part of a racist online rag called The Root, and he is the one who wrote that line about white people. Where is the outcry of people clamoring for his job for spewing such blatantly and overtly racist bullshit? It’s nowhere to be found because they are too busy wallowing in their hypocrisy while trying to get a white college professor fired for posting a video lamenting the very real issue of, “discrimination against whiteness,” as he put it after he dared to criticize the left’s sacrosanct religion of Critical Race Theory at the university where he teaches.

Never underestimate the breadth and depth of of the left’s lies, hypocrisy and contradictions when it comes to discussing or addressing racism in this country.

The left believes that because of this imagined “white privilege” equality is not good enough.  They feel life is “unfair” due to the fact that some people start off in life with certain advantages that others do not have. In this day and age, however, the left believes these advantages derive strictly from the color of someone’s skin (white) and have nothing to do with a myriad of other factors that can and will impact a person’s life. This twisted logic now means that the left believes that all of those people fighting for equality during the earlier Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, all of them, were just too dumb to realize that they should have been fighting for “equity” instead.

“Equity” is also something that runs afoul of that whole equality thing in the 14th Amendment, where it says, “…nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” “Equity” advocates claim that just isn’t good enough anymore.

Not that they care what the Constitution says since many of them believe it’s a racist document anyway.

“Equity” has become all the rage with the social justice warrior crowd and people who think they are so much smarter and more enlightened than me and you and if you don’t go along with it, you are obviously a racist.

The difference between “Equity” and “Equality”

“What’s the difference between equality and equity?” you might ask. “They sound the same.”

According to, “Equality generally refers to equal opportunity and the same levels of support for all segments of society. Equity goes a step further and refers (to) offering varying levels of support depending upon need to achieve greater fairness of outcomes.” (Emphasis mine).

Or, as Readers Digest says, “Equality involves everyone receiving exactly the same treatment, whereas equity requires fair treatment according to each person’s needs and situation.” (Emphasis mine).

What is it that Karl Marx said? Oh yes, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” (Emphasis mine).

If you’re not careful, it looks like equity could be warped to become very similar to Marxism couldn’t it? I think that’s exactly why some people are pushing it so hard.

…and along comes “Equality of Outcomes”

Now the left is no longer seeking Equality of Opportunity. What they want now is an “Equal Outcome”.

Speaking of Karl Marx, “equal outcome” is about as Communistic as you can get. It’s no wonder that the most leftist person from the Senate, the new illegitimate VP Comrade Kamala Harris, claims it’s a great idea in a video she released last fall just before the stolen election.

Comrade Harris the Communist
Comrade Harris!

In the video, she says, “Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”  How do you think you can achieve these “equitable outcomes”? It’s not through the great benevolence of people acting upon magnanimous policies issued by woke Progressive politicians. Oh no…

It’s only through the sheer, brute force of a government that forcefully takes from one person, and gives it to another in a grand redistribution scheme. That’s how you achieve “equality of outcome” and that’s Communism.

And by the way, the outcome will never be “equal” because in order to achieve it you can rest assured that some people, those deemed by Fascistic tyrants like Harris to have “privilege”, will have been treated most unequally to get there.

Having equal outcomes is not something a free society should ever strive for because those equal outcomes can only be accomplished by having the power to take away people’s freedoms. Do you really want to live in a place where a government has so much power it can enforce equal outcomes? How did that work out in the former Soviet Union where the Communist Stalin murdered over 3 million Kulaks or the Communist Mao in China who murdered 65 million people in their push for “equal outcomes”. Never forget, one day the government may be taking from someone else to give to you, the next day they can be taking from you to give to someone else.

“Equal Outcomes” in reality

Imagine for a second what that would be like. You worked hard all of your life to provide a home and nice things for your family. You have given yourself a great outcome based on your smarts and work ethic.

Then there’s your neighbor. He didn’t work so hard. His house isn’t as nice as yours and he doesn’t have all the nice luxuries you have. Not because he couldn’t, it’s because he was too lazy to put in the work and instead blamed everyone else for his situation.

But along comes Comrade Harris who doesn’t like this “inequity” between you two. She says you only have your things because you had hidden “privileges” that enabled you to get them.

Before you know it the leftist Woke Police are kicking in your door, taking your property, and giving it to your neighbor. “Now,” Comrade Harris exclaims, “now we have an equal outcome!”

Or imagine you go for a job that requires you to pass a physical test. You train hard for it and are in the best shape of your life. Your goal is to get the best score out of everyone. When you show up for the test you notice a bunch of fat people standing around waiting to take the test as well. They are smoking cigarettes and eating candy bars. Along comes Comrade Harris pushing a wheelbarrow full of 50 lb sandbags. She tells you, “Pick two up and head to the starting line.”

Leftist equity means the fat guy gets an advantage in a race because he's fat
I deserve to win!

When you complain that doing so will put you at a disadvantage and give the fat, out-of-shape people an advantage she says, “We can’t have you running faster than everyone else! We need an equal outcome! Besides, your privilege gave you the ability to train and prepare for this test. They didn’t have that privilege because their skin color is different than yours. That’s not fair and we need equity!”

To the left “equity” is not about lifting people up to achieve great things, it’s about hampering and cutting others down so they cannot.

Unequal outcomes is a sign of Freedom

Treating people equally may very well result in people having unequal outcomes. But that’s OK because we aren’t all equal in things like intelligence, strength, skills, and abilities to begin with anyway. No amount of social engineering or wealth redistribution can change that fact. All we can hope for is to live in a society that is free enough to allow people to take advantage of whatever their natural abilities are so that they too can be successful. That’s not a society that the left wants us to have, however.

The beauty of our system is that it strives for equality in the eyes of the law and the way people should be treated. It doesn’t say we all have to be equal, that’s an impossible goal, instead, we have to be treated equally to ensure fairness. We should not fire people simply for being black, white, a woman, or gay. But we also should not hire people just because they are as well. And that’s what the left wants. They do not believe merit has anything to do with how people should be treated, because all whites are racist you know, instead they want to force companies, for example, to hire a certain amount of a particular group of people simply because they happen to be a member of that group. Never caring how discriminatory a practice that is or how much harm that can do.

Unfortunately, our society seems to be heading in the opposite direction to where a person’s successes aren’t attributed to their smarts or abilities, but instead, it’s said it’s because of the color of their white skin, or in spite of not having it.

Harris has one thing correct though, we will “all end up at the same place.” Under the Communism she’s promoting that place is at the bottom of a ditch with a hole in your head.

The other Illegitimate one is all in on “Equity”

Joe Biden, the confused, other illegitimate one, is right on board with this whole “equity” thing as well. He recently issued an Executive Order entitled Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government in which he declares, “It is therefore the policy of my Administration that the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all.”

confused joe biden
“You ain’t black” Biden

In fact, Joe Biden is so bought into the “equity” thing that in this Executive Order he mentions the word “equity” or “equitable” 23 times while “equality” gets zero mentions. As I said, they want the death of equality.

All of this because according to demented old Joe, America is a deeply racist nation riddled with “systemic racism”: “…we face deep racial inequities in America and system- — systemic racism that has plagued our nation for far, far too long…” and where we have to, “confront systemic racism and white supremacy.”

He also believes America is a failure, “We have never fully lived up to the founding principles of this nation, to state the obvious, that all people are created equal and have a right to be treated equally throughout their lives.”

His dismal view of America and the people who live here continues, “For too long, we’ve allowed a narrow, cramped view of the promise of this nation to fester.  You know, we’ve — we’ve bought the view that America is a zero-sum game in many cases: “If you succeed, I fail.”  “If you get ahead, I fall behind.”  “If you get the job, I lose mine.”  Maybe worst of all, “If I hold you down, I lift myself up.”

He also made the very “woke” mistake of advocating for equality over the new gospel of “equity”:

“I believe this nation and this government need to change their whole approach to the issue of racial equal- — equity.” Oops, Joe! You almost made sense!

Rather than promoting a unifying message that as Americans we should all support each other and lift each other up no matter the color of our skin or any of our other differences, Biden paints us as a racist, backward country where minorities are intentionally oppressed and have not been able to share in the same blessings as every other person who was born an American.

According to Biden, Americans just want to step on each other to get ahead and relish in the failures of others.

It’s a depressing message not based in reality and does nothing other than to pay lip service to those who seek to divide us up into groups and pit us against each other for their own gain.

For a great further breakdown of Joe Biden’s Executive Order on equity read this article from the Heritage Foundation.

Leftists love cartoons

I also want to talk about a very popular cartoon the leftists use to explain what they think equity looks like. You might have seen it, or a variation of it at school or work during one of your forced re-education classes (AKA Diversity Training).

Equality vs. equity lie
It’s not this simple

In the left picture, there are three brown-skinned people standing on boxes of equal height along a fence to watch a ball game taking place on the other side of the fence. The tall guy on the left and the medium height guy in the middle can see over the fence, while the short person on the right can’t see over the fence even though he is standing on a box just like the other two. The idea is that the guy on the right is at a disadvantage even though they all are being treated equally. You’re supposed to say, “Equality did nothing for that short guy! It’s so unfair!”

The next picture shows the tall guy with no box, the middle guy still on one box, and the short guy now has two boxes, and now they all can see over the fence to watch the ball game! “Hooray! Now that’s equity!” the leftists want you to say.

You’re supposed to just leave it at that. There was an “equality of outcome” and everyone is now happy! Most people on the left aren’t deep thinkers so they just accept the propaganda as if it is the final word on the subject.

“That cartoon is so great! It’s so woke! See it shows equality isn’t fair so it must be true!”

People on the left often think cartoons are true.

But I have some observations about the picture maybe the leftists didn’t think about:

  • Where did the boxes come from? Did they make them, buy them, steal them or have them handed to them by someone else?
  • Since they all possess a box I will assume that each person is the owner of the box they are standing on. It’s their property. Having property is a good thing. Leftists love it when people have property because then they can steal it or destroy it!
  • It looks to me like the guy on the left had his box (his property) taken from him and given to the guy on the right. Now if it wasn’t taken from him and he gave it to the short guy voluntarily that’s OK. That’s called charity. But if this is a picture showing a leftist, Democrat-run city I would bet that the government took the tall guy’s box and “redistributed” it to the short guy.
  • If that’s the case, what right did the government have to steal the tall guy’s box to give it to the short guy? Who determined that the situation is “unfair” and required the tall guy to lose his box?
  • But what if each of the people made their box? If the government is just allowed to steal the tall guy’s box and give it away to whoever they choose, his incentive to make any more boxes is now gone. If he doesn’t have an incentive to make a box, there would not have been a box to hand to the short guy so he still won’t see over the fence.
  • If they made the boxes, why didn’t the short guy just make a bigger box?
  • Did the short guy, seeing his need for another box, just buy his extra box from the tall guy in a free exchange of goods? That would be OK.
  • If the short guy had enough money to buy the extra box from the tall guy why didn’t he just buy a ticket to get inside the stadium?
  • Did they all earn those boxes or were they just handed to them for “free” by the government?  Because if the government handed it to them I have a problem with that. The government shouldn’t be just handing stuff out for “free”.
  • How is what these three are doing, trying to watch a ball game for free without buying a ticket, fair to the people in the stands who actually worked hard and were able to buy tickets to see the game from inside the stadium? Shouldn’t the fence in fact be higher so there are no freeloaders at all?
  • In a broader context who will be the ones who will determine what is equitable and what isn’t? The government? Black Lives Matter? Pulling names out of a hat? There really isn’t a good answer to that question.
  • Isn’t giving someone with a perceived disadvantage a “head start” or a little extra very unfair to everyone else? Couldn’t everyone make an argument that they are disadvantaged in some way?
  • Couldn’t what is perceived by one person as a disadvantage be seen as an advantage by someone else? Perhaps because the short guy is closer to the ground he could have looked under the fence rather than over it and wouldn’t need the box at all! Maybe the tall guy would see that as an advantage he doesn’t have because the short guy wouldn’t run the risk of getting hit in the face by a fly ball!
  • Maybe because the short guy had something just handed to him he starts to feel he deserves even more “head starts”. Maybe he needs a new car because he can’t see over the dashboard in his, or maybe he needs a new house because all of the windows are up high. Where does it end?
  • Maybe because the short guy had something just handed to him he stopped working on those “leg extenders” he was trying to invent to help him look over fences. Maybe those “leg extenders” were a million-dollar idea for him that wouldn’t get invented now because he didn’t need them since he got someone else’s box handed to him for free! He has no incentive to create them now!

So you can see it’s not just as simple as, “Wow that cartoon is so powerful and true!” in spite of what the leftists want you to believe with their propaganda.

People in life do have disadvantages, some people are taller, stronger, smarter, faster, funnier and many other things, more than someone else. Some people will fail and some people will succeed. That’s called freedom. Society’s role should be to ensure that all people have equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.

Instead of the other picture here’s another one I feel is a better representation of the leftists idea of equity:

equity in reality
Equity in reality according to the left

Harris’ cartoon is an even bigger lie

The Harris cartoon is different because her cartoon implies that black people don’t even start out on the same even ground as white people. She claims that they automatically start from a position of inferiority and white people, because of their “white privilege” apparently, always start ahead of, or in this case, on top of, black people.

Not only is Harris’ video a pro-Communist propaganda piece, but it is also racist because it is accusing an entire race of white people as a whole to be in some sort of position of advantage based on the color of their skin.

the equal outcome lie
Perpetuating a lie

You’re supposed to look at this and accept it as a fact that white people have an inherent advantage due to the color of their skin. The whole premise of the video is built upon that notion. That’s racist.

The fact is there are many white people who are at a greater disadvantage than black people. No one race has a claim to being at a disadvantage over any other and these cartoons are just oversimplified ways to push a leftist narrative of redistribution.

No matter who is at a disadvantage in life, the answer to helping them is not stealing from someone else and giving it to them, we don’t solve instances of inequity and inequality by instituting policies practices, and laws that are inherently discriminatory against another group.

No matter who is at a disadvantage in life, the answer to helping them is not stealing from someone else and giving it to them, we don’t solve instances of inequity and inequality by instituting policies practices, and laws that are inherently discriminatory against another group.

We don’t become a more unified society, by separating and segregating people into different groups and practicing identity politics.

The fact is some people will start out on uneven ground. It usually has nothing to do with the color of someone’s skin.

Some people are better athletes than others. The answer is not to bring the more skilled down to the less skilled level. The goal should be to give the less skilled person the opportunity to work hard to improve their skill level to compete with the more skilled person.

Some people will start out richer than someone else. We shouldn’t steal from the rich person and give it to the poorer person to make things more “equitable”. No, we should make sure that everyone, even the poorest among us have the freedom and liberty to one day become successful as well.

Some people are smarter than others. That doesn’t mean we should create easier tests for some people and harder tests for others in order to put smarter people at a disadvantage.

Just like woman in the military shouldn’t have less stringent requirements than the men for the same job.

“Equality of outcome” is a monstrously insidious idea that in no practical way can be accomplished without doing irreparable harm to one person for the benefit of another and can only occur under the threat of force against those who do not comply.

Our country is based upon the idea that ALL people deserve equal protection of the law. A person cannot be discriminated against because of their race, creed, religion, etc… This ensures that everyone starts off from the same place in the eyes of the law. You are born into this world with equal standing with anyone else. This also means that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, or yes, even fail, based upon the efforts you put into making life productive and bountiful.

It is our duty as a society to ensure that the pursuit of equality is not infringed upon by people with certain political agendas. But inequality is exactly what the leftist’s version of “equity” means to enforce. In their misguided pursuit of a perversion of “equity”, they are, in fact, seeking the death of equality.

In other words, they believe that to achieve equity, we have to treat people unequally and with inequity. Makes sense right? Of course it doesn’t unless you are a leftist!

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