Stupid America

Idiocracy is prophecy

America is facing an existential threat to its existence. This threat is the patient zero, the original sin and origin story of all the other threats America faces. This threat will see to it that this country is eventually subjugated by the Communist Chinese. If left unchecked, this threat will allow, and even encourage, our increasingly totalitarian Federal Government to become more repressive than it has been towards those who oppose it. This threat, when once again something like the China Virus comes along, will cause millions more to surrender their God Given rights and freedom. This threat is so insidious it even impacts things as close to home as the price of eggs at the grocery store, or the decisions your local school board makes.

Do you want to know what this threat is?


“Stupid America” is about the stupid people in America

When I say “Stupid America” I don’t mean the country as an entity is stupid. That’s nonsensical. A country in and of itself cannot be stupid any more than, say, a mountain or a river can be.

What makes up the heart and soul of a country, what makes it alive, is the people who inhabit it and the traditions, laws, and civic traditions that make up its personality, so to speak. And if countries were living breathing individual people, America would be the smartest of them all. A genius really. No other country comes anywhere close to how successful America has been. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were documents of pure, God-blessed genius.

Unfortunately, many years ago we started to let stupid people have more of a say in what goes on. And those stupid people bred more stupid people, who had more stupid people, and now we are faced with a situation much like the great, and prophetic movie, Idiocracy, where the stupid people seem to be outnumbering the smart people.

Nevertheless, “Stupid America”, is not meant to be an aspersion cast on the people of the country as a whole. What it means is that there is a growing portion of the citizenry of this country who are complete idiots.

How else can you explain it when someone like Dementia Joe’s wife, “Doctor” Jill Biden, gives something called the International Women of Courage Award on International Woman’s Day to a man?

This is a joke…right?

Real Science Matters

I have news for you all. If you are born a man, you are a man. If you are born a woman, you are a woman. No matter what clothes you wear or what you cut off or add to your body, you are what you are born as. That’s science. If you want to wear women’s clothes, get your thing cut off, and have breast implants put in, be my guest. I would also suggest you go see a psychiatrist to treat the mental disorder you are so apparently suffering from. But don’t tell me I now have to believe you are a woman. That’s an insult to all the natural-born, REAL, women out there and it’s insane.

And while we’re at it. Stop all of this “I identify as” crap. Never mind boys identifying as girls and vice-versa…you now have kids in elementary school “identifying” as cats, dogs, and, in one case a schoolteacher friend of mine told me about, a potato chip. Yes, a potato chip. We all probably have similar stories.

Do you know who the truly stupid people are in those cases?

The parents.

Kids will be kids. When I was a kid, I knew other kids who wanted to be superheroes and whatnot. But their parents would tell them not to jump out the window because, unlike the fictional Superman, they really couldn’t fly. Many parents now are just letting their kids jump out of the window.

Speaking of science, how many people do you see out there still running around with a mask on? And I’m not talking about doctors, nurses, or anyone else who must wear a mask as part of their job. I’m talking about the people who you see in the grocery store or at work. If one of those people is wearing a mask because they think it will stop them from getting sick, you may be dealing with a stupid person.

Let’s be clear about this, those cheap paper Chinese masks, or the other fancier cloth ones, will not stop you from getting sick, and I would guess that 99.9% of the masks being worn by the average person are not top-rated such as an N-95. And I don’t need a scientific study to tell me any of this, although there are plenty of those to back up my point. Just use common sense. Viruses and germs are microscopic. Those paper masks, or that rag on your face, will not stop that microscopic organism from getting in. And all it takes is one to get you sick.

But even if that average person is wearing one of those very good masks, HOW they use it is probably nullifying any of its benefits. First of all, when a doctor or nurse, for example, wears a mask, there is a protocol to it. You have to wash your hands before you touch it, you have to swap it out regularly, and so forth. I would bet that the guy at work wearing the mask in one of your meetings, when no one else is by the way, did none of those things. And the minute they pull it down to take a sip of water, or to be heard more clearly they made that mask useless.

Communism Kills

These people who think that a man can magically become a woman just because he says so, or who think that cheap paper masks stop disease, are probably the same stupid people who think the Chinese Communists are just “competitors”. 

Not only is thinking the Chicoms are just competitors a wholly stupid view espoused by truly stupid people, it’s a dangerously stupid one. And who do we have facing down this mortal threat to our freedom? This country that enslaves its own people and sends them into concentration camps? None other than a man who diddles about with the Easter Bunny and invisible people. All the while Dictator Xi in China is preparing for war, and his Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission is running around saying that war with the U.S. is “inevitable”.

The Chinese Communists have such outright disdain for Biden they even fly spycraft over our country because they know Biden is too weak and too compromised by them to do anything about it. It’s an embarrassment.

Communists in general, and Chinese Communists specifically, are the most murderous people in history. They are not our friends; they are not our “competitors”. Communist China is a country that still glorifies Chairman Mao, the most murderous tyrant in history, who was responsible for the deaths of over 65 million people. They are an enemy who wants to subjugate us. Only stupid people believe otherwise and unfortunately, we have a lot of stupid people leading our policy toward the CCP.

No! This way you idiot!

Now let’s talk about inflation

There is one simple fact about inflation. The more money that gets “printed”, the more inflation you will have. It’s as simple as that. Inflating the money supply causes prices to go up, not vice-versa. Did people not expect there to be soul-crushing, bank account-draining, inflation after the government pumped trillions of dollars out of the printing presses?

Trump churned out trillions in “stimulus” during the China Virus, which was bad enough, but what does the little girl sniffer and his friends in Congress do barely three months into his illegitimate “Presidency”? They pump and dump $1.9 Trillion more magically created dollars into the economy under the guise of something called the “American Rescue Plan”. In a moment of clarity, the normally feckless Republicans were smart enough to vote against this monstrosity en masse.

But then came the $1 Trillion “Infrastructure Bill”, and this time there were a handful of idiot Republicans who went along with it.

What else has Biden spent money on? According to the article Biden’s Spending Spree is Unprecedented in Reason Magazine:

“The much-vaunted Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act spent another $765 billion, … Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act contributed another $278 billion, while the recently passed CHIPS Act “chipped” in $255 billion more. .. the Inflation Reduction Act, is still estimated by the CBO to add another $51 billion to the federal ledger…the CBO estimated in June that a number of the president’s executive actions total another $532 billion, including interest expenses… on the topic of student loans, … One estimate puts his most recent (student loan) pause at another $40 billion, while the cost of fuller loan forgiveness would be more than $400 billion. Taken together, these add more than another $1 trillion in spending to Biden’s legislative impact, and help explain how the administration racked up a whopping $4.8 trillion in new borrowing in just the last two years.

Meanwhile, this trend is scarcely noticed in the media or even by some congressional Republicans more interested in fighting the culture war.”

So, if you go to the grocery store and eggs cost $7 a dozen and gas is $3.50 a gallon and your response is “we need more stimulus” or “the government needs to do more”, you are a part of Stupid America.

(Read this article too.)

And if you believe that the Republican Party is still the party of fiscal responsibility, you also might be a part of Stupid America. Sure, the Democrat-Socialist-Fascists are the Kings and Queens of printing money we don’t have to give to people who stupidly vote for them, all with nary a thought as to the long-term consequences, but there are a lot of Republicans who live by the same rules nowadays. Just look at all of the money being thrown down the drain in Ukraine and all of the Republicans in Congress who think this is a good idea.

Speaking of Ukraine…

Ahhh…never mind. Only Stupid America believes that pouring billions into a corrupt Ukraine and depleting our own military arsenal to the point of national suicide to defend a country that is of no consequence to us while our own border is being invaded by millions of illegal aliens is a smart idea.

We could go on and on talking about Stupid America. There are just so many examples.

Such as:

  • People who think what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, was an “insurrection”. Only idiots think that.
  • White people who apologize for their “white privilege” or simply for being white.
  • People who think the Communist Black Lives Matter organization cares about black lives.
  • Then there are those who think the Democrat Party still cares about the average American worker and all the other “little guys”.
  • Really stupid people think our election apparatus is safe and secure and we have fair elections decided by untampered votes.
  • How about the morons who live in one of our great cities like New York or Chicago, and have watched it devolve into dirty, violent, 3rd world shitholes, yet they keep voting for Democrats….
  • Anyone who voted for Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Kathy Hochul, Gretchen Whitmer, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Lisa Murkowski, Gavin Newsom, and any other member of the Republicrat Party.

…you get the idea.

A recent study backs up everything I am saying.

For the first time in a hundred years or so, the Average American’s IQ has declined. With schools eliminating  Honors classes and Gifted & Talented programs in the name of some nonsense they call “equity”, is it any wonder?

Schools, led by corrupt, leftist teachers’ unions, have decimated the public education system in America and Stupid America thinks everything is fine.

Don’t be a part of Stupid America. Stop watching Tik Tok videos, the Chicoms are stealing all your information off of it anyway and read a book. Start with The Black Book Communism and see what happens when countries let their Stupid People run amok.

Better yet, read the New Testament. Because unless Americans get their soul straight first, nothing else matters.

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  1. You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I have read a single thing like that before. So great to find someone with some original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

  2. You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I have read a single thing like that before. So great to find someone with some original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

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