Six Simple Questions to Expose a Leftist

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Six Simple Questions to Expose a Leftist

Living in a deep blue state and growing up in a house with a loving but left-leaning father, I have gained great experience in the art of having a discussion with a leftist. From time to time, however, I did not have any inkling as to the politics of a person I was speaking to. Over the years I have found some questions that have helped me find out just where on the political spectrum someone I am speaking to lies. Now, I am here to impart this knowledge to you. But not only are these six simple questions to expose a leftist, they will also give you great joy in watching them get stumped, angry, and really, really emotional when they try to answer!

When asking these questions you must be firm, be polite, but be relentless in your pursuit of a specific answer. Know beforehand a leftist will fight you every step of the way, usually by dodging specifics and getting emotional or angry in an attempt to pick a fight with you. They will fight tooth and nail to avoid answering the question and will try tactics such as calling you names, answering your question with a question, and anything else to get you to become angry and lash out. Don’t fall for it. Remain calm! Remember, a leftist’s argument is based on emotion, yours need to be based on fact and reason.

In the business world when you are interviewing someone for a job the best questions to ask are open-ended ones. They require some thought on the interviewee’s part and will tell you a lot more about the person you are speaking to than closed-ended ones. To help you learn more about the way the person you are speaking to thinks, most of the questions that follow are structured as open-ended ones. In case you didn’t know, questions answered with a “yes” or “no”, are close-ended.

If the person you are speaking to has some smarts and is a decent human being they will have a civil discussion with you. That would be ideal.

Unfortunately, since we are talking about leftists here, many of them will not be smart or decent human beings and they will get angry, emotional and probably lash out at you by saying nasty things. They may even run away. Don’t take it personal. Consider that a victory!

Question # 1

What laws do you think are immoral or just plain wrong?

Six Simple Questions to Expose a Leftist

The truth is, just because something is a law doesn’t mean it is moral or right.

As Bastiat said in The Law, “But, unfortunately, law by no means confines itself to its proper functions…The law has been used to destroy its own objective: It has been applied to annihilating the justice that it was supposed to maintain; to limiting and destroying rights which its real purpose was to respect. The law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish, without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense.”

This question helps establish a baseline as to the character of the person you will be speaking with. Establishing a basis of what the other person believes to constitute right or wrong is very important as it is a precursor to the other questions.

For example, if someone asked me what laws do I think are immoral or just plain wrong, I would say that laws restricting my right to carry a concealed weapon to defend myself and my family are not only wrong, they are immoral. You would know right away that I am probably not a leftist.

You would know I was a leftist if I said that it should be illegal for anyone to own any kind of gun at any time.

Most would agree Stalin’s laws against the Kulaks, which resulted in the starvation deaths of 3.9 million innocent people, for example, were immoral and wrong. If someone disagrees with that or tries to justify it, then you know you’re dealing with a maniac.

Importantly, if the person you are speaking to answers there aren’t any immoral or wrong laws, you are obviously dealing with a lunatic and need to decide if it is even worth continuing the conversation.

You could also explore this question further and get an even deeper insight into the moral make up of the other person by asking a follow up question such as, “Where or what do you base your concept of morality on?” For someone like me I would answer Jesus Christ and the Bible. An establishment globalist type might say something like The UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Now that we have a baseline, let’s look at the other simple questions which will help you expose a leftist.

Question # 2

How much should the government be allowed to take from you for every $100 you earn?

Six Simple Questions to Expose a Leftist

The correct answer is zero.

Think of the answer you get to this question as being on a sliding scale of leftism. The higher the number, the more leftist they are.

One reason this is a great question is because the math is so easy.

If they say $10, you know that a 10% income tax is what they think is fair.

Remember, what you own, whether it’s your house, your car, or the money in your bank account, is your PROPERTY.

Life, Liberty and Property are the original pillars of freedom.

People who so willingly think it’s OK for the government to take your property from you should not be trusted. The more they think the government should be allowed to take, the more you should not trust them.

The Income Tax is Legalized Stealing

The background to this that you need to know is that the Income Tax specifically is nothing more than legalized stealing. How do I know it’s stealing? What happens if you don’t pay it? The government can lock you up, take away your freedom and forcibly take the money from you. If that’s not stealing what is?

The Income tax is one of the main ways the leftists like to “Spread the Wealth” around in their march to making us a Socialist hell hole like Cuba or Venezuela.

If they answer the question by saying something like $30 to you, you can then tell them about how in a place like NYC you can have up to and over 40% of your income forcibly taken from you by the government. And that’s just in income taxes! It doesn’t include all of the other taxes you pay like property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, taxes on things you buy, and on and on… it is legalized plunder.

And who are the biggest stealers of other people’s money via taxes? That’s right…leftists. Although lately, the Republicans do a pretty good job at it as well.

A leftist will also probably say something like, “Does anyone really need to make $100 million a year?” That’s a deflection. Your answer to that is, “What difference does it make? As long as a person earned that legally, what gives the government the right to take any portion of it without the consent of the owner?”

Stealing is stealing. Whether the government does it to the tune of billions of dollars or someone steals a candy bar. Morally it’s the same thing. There is no gray area.

And the higher they go with the number they give you, the more of a nut job you know they are.

Question #3

Should able minded adults be allowed to make their own decisions?

Six Simple Questions to Expose a Leftist

The correct answer is yes.

If they do say yes, you can then follow up with something like, “Then a business owner should be allowed to open his business during a ‘pandemic’ if other able-minded adults want to decide to patronize that business, right?” The amount of hemming and hawing you get after asking that is a good judge of just how far the person you are speaking to believes in your decision-making freedom.

Many people like to think they believe others should be able to make their own decisions. But leftists especially usually just pay lip service to that notion. In reality, they don’t want you making any decisions for yourself because in their heart of hearts all leftists, especially those who hold positions of power, think you are too stupid to think for yourself and that you need government “experts” to think for you.

Isn’t being able to make your own decisions part of being a free person? If that’s the case, wouldn’t the opposite be true, that the fewer decisions you are allowed to make for yourself, the less free you are?

Think of people in jail. How many decisions are they allowed to make? Not many. Then think of the guy living off the grid in the mountains. He gets to make a lot more decisions about his life than the guy who is locked up does. Who has more freedom?

A free society will allow people to make their own decisions and will expect them to live with the consequences. Forcing people to make government-approved decisions is what Progressivism and leftism are all about. It’s big government “for your own good” they believe.

Leftists are the ones who ban the sale of sugary drinks and tax “unapproved”, or “sinful” items out of the reach of common people as a method to control behavior and to collect revenue. How much tax is on a pack of cigarettes for example? If you are in New York, it would be almost half of the average cost of a pack.

But, you can’t tell me they tax cigarettes so much because they are concerned for your health. No right-minded person would believe that. The tax is so high because they know smokers are hooked and will pay the price. Far from being benevolent and taxing the product to protect you from it, they are actually being opportunistic vultures and taking advantage of your addictions to get more money out of you. If they truly wanted to protect you from the dangers of smoking, why the sudden push to legalize marijuana in so many States? Isn’t smoking bad for you? Duh! It’s because of the tax revenue!

One of the hallmarks of leftism in general is the passing of laws to control people.

Making your own decisions is not something leftists believe you should be able to do to any great extent and the more they believe that you should be curtailed in making decisions for yourself, the more leftist they are.

Question # 4

Name the races of people whose lives don’t matter?

Six Simple Questions to Expose a Leftist

The correct answer is ALL LIVES MATTER.

If you get a leftist to say all lives matter, you won.

A true leftist will probably say something like, “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.”

That’s a deflection which you can respond to by saying, “But all lives includes black lives.”

They will then probably call you a racist or their new favorite term… White Supremacist.

It’s a good bet that people who run around saying “Black Lives Matter,” and admonish you for saying, “All Lives Matter,” are die-hard leftists.

Of course black lives matter. But no more than white lives, brown lives or any other lives.

But the Black Lives Matter organization is a Marxist group of radicals who support violence in the streets and want nothing more than a violent overthrow of capitalism and is all about hate. That is a fact. And anyone who supports that group condones their hateful rhetoric and violent tactics. It’s truly mystifying how they have managed to somehow fool millions of people into thinking they are some kind of civil rights organization when the opposite is true.

To be proud of who you are and where you come from is one thing and it is great to respect your heritage and the history of your people. It’s also perfectly fine to want to bring more attention to the sometimes overlooked contributions your people have made throughout history. But it’s quite another thing when all of that leads to the degradation of other peoples.

Now All Whites Are Racists

And that is exactly what is occurring right now with the help of the BLM organization. “Black Lives Matter” has now evolved into “All Whites Are Racists.” It’s no longer about bringing attention to the successes of black people and helping to address any racism that may exist against them. It has now become a mantra that all white people are racists in their core and need to be re-educated to accept their guilt.

It has become a truth to some people that no white person gets ahead because of merit or superior skill, no way, uh-uh. They get ahead because of their “white privilege,” and to dispute this is given as proof of your racism. And this is leading to a silent resentment among white people which will do nothing to further the unity of all people.

In our quest for “diversity” and “tolerance”, diversity has led to division and tolerance has led to intolerance and the people pushing these agendas are either too blind or too stupid to realize what they are doing. Or maybe they do, and that’s their goal. To keep us divided and fighting with each other.

I know of a company that, in an effort to be more “inclusive”, started to create separate groups for their employees based on race and sexual orientation. There is a “Black Group”, a “Latin Group”, an “LGBTQ” group, and others. I am sure you know of companies like this as well.

So tell me, how is dividing people into groups based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc… furthering a goal for “inclusion”? Isn’t the fact that these groups’ main purpose is the highlighting of people’s differences saying to others that they are somehow more special than everyone else based solely on the color of their skin or who they want to sleep with? Wouldn’t this possibly make other people of a particular ethnic background, religion, or other identifying trait want to rush to create their own separate group thereby furthering the segregation of people even more? Isn’t segregating people into separate clubs or groups what the Civil Rights movement was fighting against? How can turning that on its head now be a good thing?

It’s the Balkanization of Corporate America into various special interest groups and that can’t be good.

We have now reached such a point of ridiculousness, that you actually have black people demanding separate but equal housing on college campuses. Getting rid of “separate but equal” was one of the primary goals of the Civil Rights Movement in this country and it is a sad commentary on the current state of affairs when black people are demanding the re-segregation of America.

Why not just create groups that are not specific to a particular race of people or religion and instead focus on creating groups that bring many different people together? How about creating a “Civil Rights” group, rather than a “Black” group, which won’t alienate large portions of the rest of the company?

So yes, All Lives Matter.

Question # 5

How many genders are there?

Six Simple Questions to Expose a Leftist
PA Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel (Previous Richard) Levine – Biden’s HHS Assistant Secretary Nominee

The correct answer is two. Any other answer means you are probably dealing with a leftist at best, a lunatic at worst.

If they say anything else other than that, your next question is, “Do you believe in science?” If they say, “yes,” you have to follow up yet again by asking, “Then how can you say there are more than two genders?”

Be warned though, to show you just insane people are one article I researched points out that there are actually 64 terms to describe genders. Yes…64. So anyone who believes there are actually 64 terms to describe someone’s gender, and not two, might be mentally unstable.

The statement that there are only two genders is an indisputable, inarguable fact. I don’t care what your company says, or what your leftist teacher says. I don’t care what it says on some form you fill out where it lists more than “Male” or “Female” under “Gender.” The absolute scientific fact is that you are either a man or a woman no matter what you cut off or add to your body; no matter what drugs you take to make you appear some other way.

Whatever you are born as gender-wise, is what you are. You can try to disguise it in any manner of extreme ways but it won’t ever change the fact that if you are born a male, you die a male, and the same thing for females.

If we do not accept this as truth, then we have to accept every other scientific lie out there. For all of you Flat-Earthers out there that would mean your time for acceptance has come!

Question # 6

Do you trust the government?

Six Simple Questions to Expose a Leftist

The correct answer is No.

This is a close-ended question that if answered with a Yes, needs to be followed up with the simple open-ended question of Why?

Ask the person to give specific examples of what the government has done to earn their trust. All of which can be followed up by you with the reasons why the government cannot be trusted.

Things like lies, endless wars, the suppression of freedom, the endless wasting of money are all reasons enough not to trust the government.

Leftists love government, as long as it is the government they control. If they don’t control it, then it is Fascist of course. If they do control it, why then it’s the most benevolent force on earth out to only do good and keep you from harm.

Leftists love government. Any true Patriot would have a healthy mistrust of any government.

And Finally…A Note:

It’s very important that when you ask these questions you keep the person you are asking focused on answering them. Don’t let them wander off into tangents, trying to deflect and avoid. In a calm, rational voice, keep bringing them back to the questions. Say something like, “I understand you may be passionate about those other things, and we can discuss them later, but…” then ask the question again. If they ignore you and keep getting more and more agitated and emotional, they probably are a leftist anyway. So you can safely walk away knowing that you were never going to have a constructive conversation with them and move on.

But if they do remain calm that’s great! It means that you may be able to have a rational, thoughtful conversation, which is something we definitely need more of nowadays. You might even be able to sway them to your side if they are willing to listen.

Help resist tyranny by getting more informed. Read more here.

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  2. Regressive morons who don’t understand reality.

    A “leftist” would answer:

    1. Plenty, but morality and law aren’t the same thing. Then again, do you know the difference between something that is moral and something that is ethical?

    2. Depends on how much money you make. Some would argue a flat percentage tax would be the ideal way to go forward, but most “leftists” would argue that there should be progressive tax brackets. For example some may want to tax $40 of every hundred over $400,000 (40%). By the way, taxation is theft is nice and all but it often is declared by those who have no plausible solutions that would work in reality where we (the US) is one nation in a world.

    3. Yes. People are free to make their own decisions. But just because people make decisions or form opinions doesn’t mean that they are right. Sometimes, certain decisions can affect others and sometimes you need punish those decisions. However it’s important to understand that there is a spectrum (murder should absolutely be punished, cursing shouldn’t).

    4. No one’s life doesn’t matter.

    5. There are 2 primary sexes (male and female, and those who may not have either sex organ or those who may have both). Gender has been studied by individuals much more intelligent than both of us for a long time. Gender dysphoria is real, but I’ve seen a lot of regressives like yourself say they are sick in the head and should be “treated.” You sound similar to the blanket drugging of our youthful male population under the guise of ADHD; or maybe similar to those who say “homosexuality is a mental disorder” even though we have ample evidence that there is a genetic component in play.

    6. Not at all. I don’t trust government at all. Especially one like the US that is run by 2 right of center parties that cater to the elites. Government must be held accountable at all levels.

    7.5 Lawrence Mitchell
    To provide individuals with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But “leftists” base their ideologies on reality, science, and empathy; not hatred, delusions, and neo-fascist supply-side Jesus Christianity.

    Food for thought: Many will say the leftists are socialists, communists, and Marxists. Did you know a core tenant of these Marxist derivates is the right to bear arms? And they the “proletariat” and the working class should be armed to fight back against the elites? I personally think Marx was a moron, but then again you’d probably say that I’m not your self-created “Leftist-Strawman” that you deluded yourself into believing is out to get you.

    1. 1) You didn’t answer the question and you tried to deflect by asking a question. Just like I said a leftist would.
      2) Once again you didn’t answer the question. It’s really a simple one too. How much should the government be allowed to take from you for every $100 you earn?
      3) So I am glad you finally answered one. I guess then you believe I should be able to carry a concealed gun to protect myself if I decide to?
      4) In other words…All Lives Matter
      5) Ahhhh there’s the leftist I was expecting! Right away with the name calling! I didn’t ask how many sexes there are. I asked how many genders. Again, you didn’t answer the question.
      6) Your most telling “answer” yet. The fact that you think the Democrat Party is “right of center” shows just how much of a leftist you are.
      7.5) Spoken like a true leftist!

      Thanks for proving my point!

      1. 1: he did answer the question. He said “plenty,” but then he went into more specifics based on what his opinion.

        2: the reason he answered the way he did, is because answers are on a spectrum. Did you want him to say “$30” and not add anything else? He went into more specific detail based on what he believed, and what others believed, because not every answer is a “yes or no question”

        3: you got the point of his question

        4: how BLM was explained to me, was by giving a metaphor. Say you break your left arm. You will give special attention to your hurt left arm right? Then all your other body parts come in and are like “bro, I’m important too.” The reason the BLM movement started is because Black people were that hurt left arm. I disagree with all the rioting and stuff, but based on my research and articles I’ve read, something does need to be done to help black people.

        5: yes, he did insult you. But again, he answered the question, just not how you wanted. He gave a lot of good examples, and you aren’t giving him constructive critism based on what he said, you are just deflecting.

        6: I don’t really understand anything about this one, including the person you replied to. Can you explain to me what “right of center” means?

        7.5: I think leftists are the ones who look at science. There are a lot of articles and experts who agree that climate change is a big deal, yet all the conservative politicians I’ve seen reject the idea. The forefront of the Democratic Party, are doing what they think is best to solve the issue.

        My own questions:

        Why do you think socialism is bad?

        Why do you think all leftists are emotional and super cringe?

        1. I wanted to add to my previous comment, but I don’t know how to edit lol.

          Edit to point 5: yes he did insult you, which you expected. But the reason you expected it is because you were the first to instigate the insulting. Throughout your entire post, you insult all leftists, putting your emotions into it instead of logic.

        2. All of your replies validate exactly what the six questions aim to do…expose leftists. Which is what you are based on what you wrote.
          As far as your questions…Socialism is bad because it is a philosophy that has led to the non war related deaths of over 100 million people ( probably really more than 150 million. It destroys freedom, legalizes government theft on an all encompassing scale, and has never worked anywhere it has been attempted. Just look at Venezuela and Cuba for example.
          Leftists base almost the entirety of their arguments on emotion, not fact. Mask mandates as one example, claiming more than two genders as another. Leftists claim “All whites are racist”, and don’t even see the hypocrisy when they get upset if someone says “All blacks are lazy and ignorant”. Leftists will not have a reasonable, rational argument if they disagree with you. Instead they yell in your face, throw rocks at your house, assault you in the street for wearing a MAGA hat, and if they run a billion dollar social media company, they ban you from their sites while letting all sorts of leftist violence speak thrive.

          1. You six questions do not expose leftists.” They expose authoritarian right wing double speak and straw-man arguments.

            How many people have capitalism killed? How many corporations have decimated communities across the world, how many corporations have had a hand in violent dictatorships.

            Righties are nothing but morons who base the entirety of their arguments on non-existent boogeymen who they are irrationally afraid of. Wearing a mask is scientifically proven to limit the spread of covid-19. If you want, you can argue about the legality of a mask mandate and even the fact that it’s authoritarian (which I would agree with you) but then again you and your lot of right wing sheep who coward listen to what your billionaire pedophile elites tell you to believe in so some may argue that mandate was necessary. 2 genders is scientifically WRONG. It’s not a fact, it’s wrong, but Righties such as yourself don’t believe in science and empirical data; you claim whatever you believe to be fact.

            Righties just want their democratic countries to turn into fascist dictatorships where only their group has rights and everyone can be killed off or enslaved. The attack people wearing BLM shirts and run over protesters expressing their first amendment rights. Righties are so intellectually challenged that they believe when someone says that white individuals have historically been benefiting from racist policies and effects of racist history and institutions that all white people are being called racist.

            Righties believe they know more than experts, scientists and those who have spent decades studying different fields and topics.

            Righties believe in trickle down economics, and they want to regress western society back into the days of feudalism where their capitalist overlords and exploit them.

            Your arguments are weak, your ideology is childish, and when you talk about lefties you fail to understand just how vast and different that group is than you and your ilk of weak individuals begging for authoritarianism. Scientists, Doctors, Academics, Intellectuals, Progressive, Social Progressives are all “lefties” as well. There might be some truth to their beliefs.

      2. I guess I was a bit rude in my initial response, but honestly these questions are not thought out well and represent an ideology based on an incomplete world view.

        Let me give some clarifications:

        1. Drug laws are immoral. Minimum sentencing and 3-strike based laws are immoral. Affirmative Action related policies are immoral [because they do not actually fix any problems]. There are many more laws at the federal, state and local level that are immoral. There are also laws that are unethical. Again, I’ll ask a question: Are there any laws that are both immoral and unethical that you agree with? (note that there isn’t necessarily an objective answer to any of these questions).

        2. I did answer the question. You may not have an understanding of how the tax system in the US currently works. The US tax system is separated into marginal brackets. Maybe I wasn’t clear but in this current system 40% above $400,000 wouldn’t make me too uncomfortable. However, I should be honest my household income was above a lower value that I read was brought up as the new top bracket and I was slight less comfortable with it. I also pointed out that many people on all sides of the political spectrum believe that marginal tax brackets aren’t fair and that everyone should be taxed at a flat rate for example everyone is taxed at 10%.

        3. People are free to make their own decisions. I do believe you should be allowed to conceal carry, however I believe that it should be more of a state enforced law rather than a federal mandate. This question was honestly a bad one. You seem to have set it up to have your gotcha response about conceal carry. Next time just ask about conceal carry and not some general question. Just because you are free to make your own decisions doesn’t mean that the law can’t punish you (for example murder) or that individuals and corporations can’t dissociate from you (due to perceived racist beliefs and actions).

        4. Human lives matter. You seem to be of the belief that Black Lives Matters means other lives don’t matter. This is factually untrue, and if you feel that way you are wrong. Now, as I stated in answer 3 you are free to dissociate from groups you perceive to be racist or wrong but that doesn’t make you right. If All Lives Matter, then Black Lives Matter too. And regardless of your perceived beliefs about Black Lives Matter, there is discrimination and disparity between Black individuals and white individuals when encountering the police and the within criminal justice system. If you perceive there to be no institutional or individual racism, that’s just the signs of a poor ideology that ignores reality.

        5. The correct answer to this question is who cares, it’s none of my business what other people want to do. Did you forget question 3 again? Adults are free to do whatever they want. Gender Dysphoria and Transgender Individuals have decades of scientific research and documentation. They are not a new phenomenon. They existed long before you were born and will exist long after. I was trying to make comparisons to homosexuality and young men who 40 years ago would be considered normal who now need to be on medication for ADHD. By the way, the current treatment for underage transgender individuals is to wait until their adults and to give puberty blockers if the side effects of their symptoms begin to affect their everyday lives. I tried to give some more context and general information which you seem to be lacking. Now, if you’ve fallen for the irrational Jordan Peterson hysteria that you’re going to be locked up for not using the right pronouns all you should probably read what law actually was about (spoilers: businesses can’t fire and discriminate against transgendered individuals).

        6. Context matters. Understanding of world history and current world events matter. Angela Merkel is the head of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, a right wing conservative party. You would probably call her a leftist. Joe Biden is certainly more right on the political spectrum than Angela Merkel wouldn’t you agree? I do not trust government. It’s why I want a government that is transparent and that we can hold accountable. That way when government abuses it’s power (which it eventually will) the people can hold it accountable.

        Politically, I’m an anarchist. But I will admit that if the US was to become anarchist overnight then other nations will come in and take over and infringe on peoples rights. Globally I just can’t rule out the fact that eventually groups will form and get larger and larger until you have a pseudo-state and you’re back to having governments.

        Economically, I like capitalism. But I will admit that capitalism can easily become crony capitalism. You can have massive trusts and monopolies, and if you have a government you can get regulatory capture and bribery (Citizen’s United).

        Socially, I’m much more liberal and “left.” I believe in liberty, justice, science, and empathy. However, I will admit that there are times when the left may go too far, or be too hysterical. However, I don’t believe that it is any different than the years of Dungeons and Dragons are satanic rituals that were spouted by the conservative hivemind decades ago.

        These 6 questions that you posted are unintelligent, lazy, and nothing more than proof that you’re a person who can’t see fault in your own beliefs. I brought up the idea of Marxism and guns because in Marxism the people who bear arms are going to overthrow the elite class of government and rich who are “deemed evil.” (This is of course an oversimplification, Marxism changed a lot during Marx’s life and decades after). I’d argue you want to own a gun not to overthrow a tyrannical government, but to protect yourself from the evil leftists (who is anyone that doesn’t agree with you).

        I stand by my initial statement. You’re just another scared, regressive moron. You have no grasp of the reality of this world and it’s complexity but unlike me you’re unwilling to admit it.

        At no point did I prove your point. Your own false narrative did that before I even posted.

        1. I find it interesting that someone who calls himself / herself (because him and her are factual gender pronouns) an “Anarchist”, which essentially means you believe we should revert back to a lawless, pre-civilization state of society, attempts to insult me by calling me “regressive”.
          No matter what you may delude yourself into believing, you are a leftist, evidenced partly by the fact you cannot get through a post without getting emotional and hurling insults. That’s not me insulting you, that’s just stating facts.
          This proves what I wrote about you leftists in the OP: “They will fight tooth and nail to avoid answering the question and will try tactics such as calling you names, answering your question with a question, and anything else to get you to become angry and lash out.”
          Rather than lashing out and name calling and trying to put me on the defensive and getting me to become angry, I know that is hard for you to do as someone with such overt leftist attributes, if you focused on having a reasonable, respectful conversation, you might find we do have some common ground.
          At least now after some prodding by me you finally attempted to actually answer the questions…mostly.
          1) You believe drug laws are immoral. I’m not sure I agree they are immoral, however I do believe that free people, in this case adult people, should be able to make a decision about whether or not they want to do drugs and not be prosecuted for it. So long as they accept personal responsibility for the outcome and my tax dollars do not go to helping them with their addiction. I think it’s hypocritical for government to say one type of drug is legal (i.e. Oxy), yet another isn’t (i.e. heroin), so to be consistent either make them all illegal, or legal.
          2) Even though you still didn’t answer the question directly, essentially you believe the more someone makes the more they should be taxed is what I am assuming you believe. Which means you are happy with our current progressive income tax system that punishes people for being successful. You have a “tax the rich” philosophy which is leftist in nature. A truly fair system would be no more than $14 per $100 earned in my opinion. And that would apply to everyone, person or corporation, no matter the income level, with no deductions and no write offs. Simple and clean and everyone has skin in the game. That’s “fair”.
          3) We have some common ground here as far as concealed carry is concerned, however, the question is not about just that issue. The purpose of the question is lead to further discussion about just how far you believe decision making should go. That is clear in the OP. My contention is that a truly free society allows people to make decisions for themselves and limits attempted manipulation of behavior by the government through laws such as bans on smoking or bans on sugary drinks.
          4) Of course black lives matter if all lives matter. But facts simply do not hold up your contention of “systemic racism” against black people in this country. I do not deny there may be instances of “institutional or individual racism”, however it is not exclusive to being against black people. Racial “diversity” quotas are racist against varying groups of people. Companies pushing a narrative to “be less white” in corporate training, is racist against white people. Unfortunately a radical, Marxist, violent Black Lives Matter organization hijacked the term and turned it into a negative.
          5) There are only two genders, male and female. A person who believes they are “a man trapped in a woman’s body” or vice versa, and then wants to mutilate their body, is a mental problem. That does not mean we do not treat them unequally or without compassion. All sick people should be treated that way. If a person is gay, who cares? Live your life and be free. Just don’t force it down my throat. If you’re a man and want to wear woman’s clothes, I think it’s abnormal, but have at it. The problem is we now are at a point where ridiculousness has taken hold. Allowing biological males to compete as women because they are transgender is disgraceful. Allowing men into woman’s bathrooms, getting rid of gender specific locker rooms and bathrooms, eliminating the mention of “boys” or “girls”, “mother” or “father” is simply a sign of societal decay and collective lunacy on a massive scale.
          6) At least we both agree not to trust government.

          You say the six questions are “unintelligent” and “lazy”. If that’s the case, why have you obviously taken so much time to discuss them? Seems to me that they made you think. If that’s what “unintelligent” and “lazy” does, so be it.

  3. One question I would add is this:

    What are the foundational, steadfast and unchanging principles that define the Liberal agenda?

    Generally speaking every ideology has a foundation. For Liberals, especially white liberals, that foundation is hate. Hate for the foundations of a Constitutional, moral, and pious society that demand personal rights AND responsibility. It demands respect for personal freedoms and the expectation that each individual is responsible for themselves and offspring they bring into the world. The Government is not responsible for you, YOU ARE. Any foundation of hate is invalid.

    1. “Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law.”

      Now if you’re talking about the left-liberals, then they believe in liberalism plus science, empathy, and that we as humans can better our species and live of our fellow man. They, along with most liberals, also believe that government should protect the rights and civil liberties of all people equally. Of course progressive ideology is apparently evil and we should all be living as hunter gatherers who are spooked by fire.

    1. Can you explain instead of being hypocritical and insulting all leftists.

      It’s like OP said. It’s not okay for one group to do something, but then when your group does it its fine.

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