R.I.P. America?

“A republic if you can keep it.”

Sorry Ben Franklin, we couldn’t.

Yes, there still may be a 50 star flag, which soon will have 52 when the radicals add leftist dominated Puerto Rico and DC to the union…

Yes, the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution still exist…on paper. The ideas and laws contained within having long since been ignored and trampled underfoot by the leftists and their collaborators…

Yes, we will still have three branches of government, all of which will be controlled by the leftist radicals at least until 2022, who will use the levers of government to tighten their grip on our throat and cement their radical agenda across the carcass of the United States forever…

Yes, one of those branches is the Supreme Court that has a “Conservative” majority. Soon to become a minority when the radical leftists pack it full of fellow radicals…

Yes, we will still vote. But voting doesn’t matter because fraud has now become an accepted part of the process. Largely because collaborating Republicans refused to fight against it…

Yes, we will still call ourselves “Americans”, but what exactly does that mean anymore? I don’t consider this radical America that has come into existence my America.

My America does not allow suppression of free speech by Tech Giants like Google or Twitter.

My America does not allow the violence, lawlessness and hatred of radical groups like BLM and ANTIFA to go largely unpunished.

My America would not allow criminal politicians like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to walk away scot-free.

My America wouldn’t allow obvious voter fraud which enables an enfeebled dementia patient and his handlers to steal the Presidency to stand.

My America would have an Election Day, not Election Month.

My America wouldn’t consist of an “opposition” Republican Party that chooses collaboration with the freedom destroyers rather than fighting them.

My America wouldn’t elect outright Socialists and enemies of freedom to any office.

My America wouldn’t intentionally destroy the economy and small businesses and force people into a government dependency servitude due to a hyped up health scare or any other overblown “crisis”.

My America wouldn’t discriminate against people for their belief in God.

My America wouldn’t call someone a bigot because they point out that there are only two genders.

My America wouldn’t find it acceptable that grown men can share dressing rooms or bathrooms with little girls.

My America would have had the Republicans fight as hard and been as unified as the Democrats. They would have had the same take no prisoner, do whatever it takes attitude as the leftists.

And this demise of the American Republic is not something that just happened overnight. This has been a process that has evolved over the course of decades.

The seeds of it were always there. Even from the very beginning there were people who clamored for George Washington to be King. People who wanted a strong central government. But the desire for Freedom and Liberty on the part of the greater amount of people was strong enough to never allow the monarchists to take root.

But those strong government types never gave up. They got smarter and craftier as the years went by.

First they made us believe that a state does not have the right to leave the union under Lincoln.

Then they equated “Progress” with more government control under Teddy Roosevelt and Wilson.

Then they made the government the main source of welfare, the controller of “public” schools, “Social Security” and the chief hander out of “free” things under Franklin Roosevelt, Johnson and Obama.

All of this has led up to what?

A country that is at least half filled with people who believe that government should play a large and dominating part in our lives. People who believe that wanting to investigate electoral fraud makes you a traitor. People who believe violence against you and your family is justified when you don’t agree with them.

A country that has half its population willfully surrendering their Freedom and Liberty for a few stimulus checks.

A country that has half its population believing that defeating your political opponents isn’t enough. That they need to be prosecuted, censured and marginalized.

A country that has half its population look the other way when radicals rip down statues, burn down churches and assault people in the street.

This did not happen only in 2020.

We have allowed this to happen for decades.

How far we have departed from that spirit of Freedom and Liberty in 1776.

The only thing freedom loving people have left to do is to pray.


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