Joe Biden is a National Embarrassment

Biden is a national embarrassment

Is it too soon to declare Joe Biden the worst President* ever? We certainly know for a fact that Joe Biden is a national embarrassment. Not only does it seem the man can’t seem to string a series of coherent sentences together, he has a penchant for lying often, surrounding himself with the worst people, like his drug-addled, dupe of a son, and frequently tries to act like a tough guy when it’s clearly obvious to everyone around that he’s losing the fight with his own brain, never mind trying to go hand to hand with anyone breathing.

Joe Biden is either an idiot, suffering from severe dementia, or both. Being I’m not a Doctor I’ll go with idiot. His gaffes, missteps, and mumblings are becoming legendary. He has proven to be the biggest national embarrassment since….hmmm….that’s a tough one. I might have to get back to you on that.

Biden is an embarrassment

How bad is it? Here are some excerpts from his March 6, 2021 remarks regarding the latest (wasted) $1.9 Trillion Covid relief package that he calls the “American Rescue Plan”.  Keep in mind this was all within six minutes:


“So we can get every single American vaccinated sooner than later I believe by…we’ll have enough by the end of… by the middle of May to vaccinate it’s gonna take longer to get it in their arm but that’s how much vaccine we’ll have.”


“…many who are lawing in bed…”


“For a typical middle class family of four husband and wife working making $100,000 a year total…with three kids… they’ll get $5,600 dollar..I mean…tszht…with two kids… $5,600…”


“They are…they’ze are essential personnel…”


“Did ya ever imagine… in the United States America… you’d did see lines…literally miles long…wif kids folks in their automobiles waiting for a box of food…”


“One more thing…the vast majority of economists left right and center … from Wall Street to the … to thee… private ehh… private duh  uh uh …uh uh… economic ….uhh…umm…p-polling…initiatives…. The economists as I said left right and center…”


“That if we haven’t spent this money and recreated the kind of incentive for people to uh… be able to uh… make a good living that we’d be real trouble…”

Biden is confused and an embarrassment

Or when he forgot the name of his Defense Secretary and the name of the Pentagon during remarks on March 8th:

“I just wanna thank you both, and I wanna thank the sec… the…the uhhh…former General…I keep calling him General..wuh…my…my uhhh…the guy who runs that outfit over there. Uhhh…I wanna make sure we thank the Secretary for all he’s done to try to implement what we just talked about and for recommending these two women for promotion.”

Biden is a national embarrassment

Or on January 26th, again talking about Covid and a Congressman who wouldn’t wear a mask:

“One..uh..Congressman pointed out I ..yuh…I could uh…uh I yuh…well he used a very…anyway…colorful term to say wearing a mask I told him to kiss my ear. I’m not gonna wear a mask. Well guess what? Not very American. The fact is you wanna be patriotic you’re gonna protect people and new Covid 19 variants are…are….are…are…are…are…we are instituting new measures to deal with these individuals flying in the United States from other countries. You’ve all hold…you’re gonna hold a second…you’ve all…you’ve all…heard about the strain…the…the…the British strain, the Brazilian strain, the South African strain…and they …are…they seem to be more transmittable more easily…”

Biden is an embarrassment to America

How about when Biden forgot where he was, what year it is, or what office he was running for. “When did that happen?” you might ask. Just type “Biden forgets where he is” in your search engine and be prepared to spend an ample amount of time scrolling through all of the examples.

Or how about when he was doing an interview with his wife sitting next to him and he forgot Trump’s name and thought he was running against George Bush? That is until his wife seems to whisper the correct name to him under her breath.

“Four more years of George…uhh…George uhh… (Wife whispers “Trump”) he uhh…gonna find ourselves in a position…where…if uhh…Trump gets elected….”

Biden forgets trumps name and embarrasses himself

It’s so bad that he can’t even read off of a teleprompter without mangling the words:

“Lonnie knows I believe this every fiber of my being…we’re posed…I what I propose is…is…it can be done…Critical laws like pro act to strengthen collective bargaining…um politics like prevailing…an…puh…look…yes…I’m I’m getting…I’m…I’m…taking too much time, but you know…”

You would also think the guy who used Covid 19 as an excuse to hide in his basement through the whole campaign would at least get the virus’s name correct right? He seems to have forgotten that too and called it “Covid 9” during a virtual town hall.

Then there was his record-breaking, first-ever press conference on March 25, 2021. Record-breaking because it’s been over 100 years since a new President* went this long without having one. Once again, Slow-Joe didn’t disappoint.

“So the best way to get something done…if you…if ya hold near and dear to you that you…uh…umm…like to be able to uhhhh……anyway. (Unintelligible noises) uhhhh…uhhhh…I’m…w-w-we’re gonna get a lot done……Okay…ummm…hang on…uhhh…sorry…oh!” (as he looks through his list of pre-screened questions from the hand selected reporters present).

“With regard to the filibuster, I believe we should go back to a position of the filibuster that existed just when I came to the United States Senate 120 years ago…”

Or when he lied and said the Trump administration allowed illegal immigrants to “starve to death”.

He also went in all in on pushing to get HR 1 passed into law. HR1 is the bill passed by the House that will forever destroy our Constitutional Republic by removing all election safeguards thereby ensuring Fascist Democrat one-party rule forever (read more about it here). He claims Republican efforts in various States to ensure the integrity of our elections was akin to passing “Jim Crow” laws (laws passed by his fellow Democrats in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that were intended to keep black people oppressed). He called those efforts “pernicious” and that they will make “Jim Crow” look like “Jim Eagle”…whatever that means. He also said he would spend his time doing “three things” but then proceeded to name two.

How about the time he had the fake microphones green-screened in front of him when he was supposedly taking questions from the press?

Biden fake microphones are an embarrassment

Or the time he said Kamala Harris was “Smarter than I am”. You got that right Joe. But it’s not saying much since you don’t hold the bar that high in intelligence.

We also cannot forget all of the creepy hair sniffing and groping of women and little girls.

Biden embarrasses himself by sniffing girls

Or how about when he had to drop out of the Presidential Race in 1987 for lying and plagiarism?

Remember when he fell down on the steps into Air Force One…THREE TIMES, and then tried to blame it on the “wind”

Biden embarrassed himself when he fell and couldn't get up

Or how about all of the illegal aliens storming the southern border wearing Biden T-shirts saying “Let Us In!”

Biden let us in

Good times!

The examples of Biden’s utter mental decline are everywhere and too many to list here (Howie Carr has some good examples here).

The man is truly a disgrace and a national embarrassment but we have to hope he lives at least until the midterms because the last thing we need is that outright Communist Kamala Harris* getting into the White House with the Fascist Democrats controlling both houses of Congress*.

At least maybe the feckless Republicans will gain control of at least one of the Houses and, as long as they get rid of RINO’s like Murkowski and Kinzinger, actually do something to stop these radicals from further destroying the country. You know, something like impeach whichever one of the two illegitimates is occupying the Oval Office.

By the way…all through this, I wracked my brain trying to think of anything or anyone that has been more of a national embarrassment than Joe Biden has been so far, but I couldn’t think of any.

*The asterisk is because the Presidential election, as well as multiple Senate elections were illegitimate in 2020

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