It’s OK to be Proud to be White

white pride

It’s high time that we removed the stigma of saying “I am proud to be white”. Nowadays, it seems every other group gets to say they are proud of who they are except white people.  Unfortunately, white people have allowed the term “White Pride” to be taken over by a bunch of hateful, racist, un-Christian fools who equate being proud of being white with hatred of anyone who is not white. The rest of us, the non-hating, non-racist white people need to let the world know that we think it’s OK to be proud to be white, and being so does not mean we hate others.

Saying that it’s OK to be proud to be white also means that white people need to start to push back against other white people, all of those idiots among us who have started this whole narrative that “all white people are racist” and that there exists something called “white privilege”.  

 “White Privilege”, a term made popular by a very wealthy white woman named Peggy McIntosh who wrote a paper in 1988 in which she said, “I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was ‘meant to remain oblivious,” and Robin DiAngelo, who wrote a worthless piece of trash called “White Fragility”, is an anti-white concept that seeks to demean any and every accomplishment that a white person achieves.  It says that no matter how you studied or how much work you put into achieving something, none of that matters because your whiteness is the number reason why you are successful.

“White Privilege” is a concept designed to make all white people believe that it is not OK to be proud to be white because your whiteness alone makes you guilty of being a racist no matter what you do or the efforts you take to show that you are not. It is a concept designed to make all white people think less of themselves and their accomplishments and to trick the truly stupid and gullible white people into believing that the only way to atone for their sin of being white is through self-hatred and subservience to non-whites.

Message to all of you white liberals out there…the people who support the concept of “white privilege” and “systemic racism” will never, ever accept you and your efforts to curry favor with them. They hate you, yes hate you, because of the color of your skin and to deny this is folly.

It’s time that white people started to stand up for themselves against the relentless anti-white narrative that bombards us from all directions every single day.

White people have a lot to be proud of. The vast majority of humankind’s greatest achievements and inventions were the result of white people creating and doing them. Things such as The Printing press; Electricity; Television; Vaccination; The Computer;  Photography;  The Airplane; Nuclear Energy; The Steam Engine; The Telephone; Radio; Rocketry; Refrigeration; Pasteurization; The Automobile and Air-Conditioning, all came about through the efforts of white people. When it comes to the Arts, Sciences, and Philosophy white people are at the top of the list as well.

It also has to be said that lately, every single one of the world’s ills is blamed on white people by the leftists running the media, big tech, the education system, and government. This thought has largely been insidiously making its way into every aspect of American life through something called Critical Race Theory, or CRT for short. CRT is an anti-white, Marxist-based philosophy that claims the entire American society is rooted in systemic white racism, and because of this, it needs to be torn down and replaced by some leftist, totalitarian system that subjugates white people to non-whites. It’s a philosophy being embraced by institutions of higher learning, corporations, and the illegitimate government of Joe Biden.

CRT fails to tell you that it’s not just white people who have been guilty of horrific crimes, genocide, war, and other crimes against humanity. The non-white Chinese, you know, Joe Biden’s buddies, are doing it right now against the Uyghur’s.  Even black people have been guilty of it! Black Muslims in Africa right now are murdering and killing Christians by the droves. So a non-white person trying to make white people feel guilty for the sins of other white people is hypocritical and self-delusional at best.

So to all the non-hateful, non-racist white people out there, I am here to tell you that yes, it’s OK to be proud to be white. Being so does not make you a racist, ignorance, and stupidity do. Like all of those idiots out there saying “all white people are racists” and the other morons that go along with it.

Are all blacks ignorant and lazy? Find out here.

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  1. Question for you: Would omitting the “White” term/label and using, instead, “Western civilization” be more palatable to the masses? The elite-owned media and their mass of well-indoctrinated lackeys have altered the term/label “White” into a negative that automatically creates negative connotations in many folk’s minds!!! We ARE at war with tyrannical elites wielding massive forces who are intent upon destroying our beloved Western civilization, cultures, societies and entire countries!!! Europe is the main focus of Western traitors and tyrants across the world. All Western countries are being attacked. We MUST take a stand and defeat those evil forces to prevent us from descending into a New Dark Age.

    1. The problem with your suggestion is there are many people part of western civilization who are not white. So you cannot use that term to replace “White”.
      Also, being proud of being white also means you don’t replace the word with something else. Replacing it is surrendering to the people seeking to destroy it.
      I think we have to do the opposite and scream from the rooftops that we are proud to be white.
      If people don’t find that “palatable”, screw them.

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