Is it time for a 3rd party?

That’s a potentially false question because it presupposes that we have two major political parties right now. We don’t.  At best we have one and a half because at least half of the Republicans are as corrupt, progressive, and totalitarian as the Neo Fascist Democrats are.

What we have is a Republicrat party on one side, composed of establishment types who have no moral compass and no desire other than the subjugation of the rest of us under their Fascist, Corporatist, and Welfare State. They only seek more and more power for themselves and will cut any deal, violate any law and trample on any virtue in their unholy quest and lust for greater control over all aspects of our lives.

What’s left of the true opposition on the other side is an overwhelmed, outmaneuvered cadre of decent people fighting to keep some semblance of Freedom alive. They desperately try to defend the fortress of Liberty against a frontal assault by the leftist tyrants seeking to subjugate the American people under their unrelenting totalitarianism, all the while being undermined and attacked from behind by those who were supposed to be their allies. It’s exhausting.

I challenge you to take a good hard look at what has happened in this country over the past few decades, excluding the four years of Trump, and tell me what exactly was substantially different about whether or not there was a Democrat in the White House or a Republican?

Both parties expanded the size and scope of government. Sure the Democrats gave grand names to things like “The Great Society” or “The New Deal” as an attempt to disguise their Fascistic tendencies, but the Republicans’ were just as guilty. Not only by allowing the Democrats constant expansion of government to stand, but by adding to it themselves with new social and corporate welfare programs such as government run prescription plan welfare and allowing giant, multibillion dollar corporations to get away with paying basically zero taxes. Both sides got us into some useless military actions and wars. And both sides bled the American family dry by selling our jobs to the cheapest foreign bidder. And neither side did anything at all to nurture the continued growth of Liberty. Just look at what Marxist education camps our schools have become.

So that leads us to this point in history where many of us are asking, “What the F**k?!?”

I have been pointing out for years to anyone who would listen that our country was rapidly heading for the cliff. I started flying a 13 star and a Gadsen flag outside my house probably 30 years ago. A long time before the Tea Party made them fashionable again. Back in those days my heart was in the right place but my mind still hadn’t expanded enough to see the whole truth.

I enthusiastically voted for Bush Senior the first time I was able to vote for a President and voted for him again, though less enthusiastically, in 1996 which he lost to Clinton. It was during his Presidency that my mind began to make a turn, prompted largely on his stated desire for a “New World Order”. I didn’t like the way that sounded. Even then I knew that what we needed was a return to our revolutionary roots, and the New World Order he spoke of sounded more like he was trying to push us into some kind of totalitarian nightmare. Because of my growing disillusion with Bush, I started to read material which was considered extremely fringe, and even crazy at the time. One of my first “alternative” discoveries was the John Birch Society, and, ignoring the main stream line that it was a radical group of nut jobs, I began to read some of their literature, which led me to other avenues of thought and other resources for research.  My black and white world view began to wake up to the fact that there is a lot of gray in there as well.

My eyes opened enough that when the 1996 election came around I simply could not vote for the Republican Bob Dole. He was clearly an inferior candidate to Clinton and was a man who got the nod to run based on the fact that he had been a long standing member of the Republican boys club and they decided it was his turn. To me, he was not the Conservative I was looking for and would be someone who did not represent my burgeoning ideals. My support went to a person who I felt was a true Conservative, Pat Buchanan. True to my principles I wrote in Buchanan’s name rather than vote for Dole but it didn’t really matter. Dole had no shot from day one and Clinton won his 2nd term in a landslide.

When the 2000 election came around we found ourselves with Bush Jr. vs. Al Gore, Clinton’s VP. I truly could not stand Al Gore. I despised him and his shrill wife Tipper, whose main focus in life seemed to be to get Ozzy Osbourne records banned. I loved Ozzy then and still do today and wasn’t about to let the Gore’s win if I could help it.

Bush won, and got us into another stupid, pointless war with Iraq, and then he won again. I must admit that at the time I wasn’t so against wiping out a few Middle Eastern jerk offs who hated us anyway, but after a while of seeing what a mess was made of that place and the waste of American lives and treasure it was, I realized the folly of my misguided enthusiasm at that time.  I started to realize that it seemed whoever was in the White House, Republican or Democrat, we were getting involved in some stupid war or military action and for what? To “spread Democracy” or to “nation build”? No American life was worth trying to spread democracy in a place where it never existed and where they throw gay people off of roofs just for being gay. Speaking of war, guess what one of the first thing illegitimate “President” Puppet Biden did upon stealing the office? That’s right, he invaded Syria. Oh…you didn’t know that? Of course you didn’t because the Fascist news media didn’t tell you and swept it under the rug. This is after Trump was the first President in decades not to get us entangled in a stupid war or military action. My goodness you people who voted for Biden or helped him steal the election are so naïve or so stupid.

The last straw for me came with the election of 2008 when the Democrats ran an easily beatable, amateur politician who even then was showing signs of the radical leftist he truly was, Barack Obama. And who did the Republicans force to the top? None other than future Trump hating, Obamacare saving John McCain. At that point I threw my hands up in the air in disgust and may even have exclaimed out loud “Enough is enough!” Even his selection of the much more Conservative Sarah Palin as his running mate couldn’t sway my thoughts about voting for him. To me, his nomination was very reminiscent of the selection of Bob Dole to run back in the 90’s. McCain was not very conservative and had the indelible stain of being one of the establishment men.  It was inevitable that he would lose, which he did, mightily and needlessly.

Some Republicans did start to fight back, but it seemed only in earnest because of the Tea Party movement, which was born in 2009, made them  realize that millions of their Freedom loving constituents were getting fed up. Nevertheless I am still grateful for those few brave people who stood up to the leftist radicalization of America because they were the kind of fighters I was looking for. It’s a shame that they were eventually undermined and blocked by other “R’s” who wanted to desperately hold onto their comfy oligarchic system of pork and perks. People like my former Congressman Peter King (NY2) who I voted for once, but never again because I despised him as the Republican swamp creature he was.

Watching the Republican Leadership virtually surrender to the radical left and their demigod Obama was extremely painful. The man ruled as the radical leftist I knew he was, violating the Constitution at every turn, ignoring the law, and using the power of the Federal Government to attack and suppress Conservatives and right wingers every chance he got. All eagerly backed and supported by a Democrat party that seemed to never, ever break ranks. They stuck together and voted in lock step. 

What people like Peter King and John McCain didn’t realize, and many Republicans today still don’t get, is the Neo Fascist Democrats don’t care about efforts to have “unity”, “Bi-partisanship” or “Reaching across the aisle”, they view those things as weaknesses and as open doors to drive one more nail into the coffin of the Republican Party in particular and freedom in general. The Neo Fascist Democrats only want surrender and many Republicans are only too happy to oblige.

The Neo Fascists are in it for the long haul. They want total domination and will do anything to achieve it. Case in point…they impeached Trump the first time on some flimsy “Abuse of power” standard from a phone call Trump had with the President of Ukraine. Yes… a phone call. They didn’t hesitate one second to pull that trigger. They didn’t care about public opinion (because the Fascist main stream media is on their side as well as the Techno Fascist social media giants) and they certainly didn’t care whether or not it was even true. Meanwhile the Republicans could have impeached Obama for multiple, legitimate, reasons but they were just too scared and didn’t have the balls to do it. If the future Republican Party wants any chance at survival they need to take a page out of the Neo Fascists playbook and never, ever hesitate striking at them in any way possible. Just like they do.

So fast forward to today and we are stuck with an empowered, emboldened Neo Fascist party holding exclusive power in Congress and the (illegitimate) Presidency. I watched as many Republicans spent the last four years trying to block and undermine the first true fighting Republican in the oval office in decades and it sickens me. I am having a very, very hard time with the Republican Party right now. You just cannot trust them. Look at how many have stabbed Trump in the back on his way out. Loeffler, Purdue, McConnell, Kinzinger, Cheney, and on and on.

And that is why a 3rd Party filled with patriots is just so appealing.

One reason a 3rd (really a true 2nd) party may make sense is because we could finally be able to tell friend from foe.

Prior to the disaster of the 2020 elections the Republicans held a majority in the senate of 53-47. But did they? At least three of those Republican senators, Romney of Utah, Murkowski of Alaska and Collins of Maine, could not be counted to reliably vote with their fellow Republicans.  Collins, Murkowski and Shelby of Alabama all ranked lower than Democrat Joe Manchin according to GovTrack’s Ideology score. In fact, Doug Jones, Democrat of Alabama, ranked higher as a Conservative than Shelby the Republican. This, coupled with the fact that Democrats very, very, rarely stray from the party line, yet many Republicans will do so at any given moment, means that the Republicans did not in fact have a true majority even though a majority of them had that “R” in front of their name.

And let’s not forget that the reason Obama care still exists is because McCain, a Senate Republican and Chief Justice Roberts, appointed by a Republican, kept it alive. Let’s also not forget that 10 Republican members of Congress voted to impeach Trump a second time on the flimsiest of reasons and without allowing him any due process. Those 10 bought right into the Democrat talking points of Trump leading an “insurrection” and “seditious” behavior, in spite of the fact that Trump called for a peaceful expression of protest and was still speaking when the Capitol was breached. Not exactly an image of him climbing over the barricades, flag in one hand, torch in the other, as the Neo Fascist Democrats and their Vichy Republican allies would have you believe.

There is a solid argument to be made that a true 2nd party would be of enormous benefit for an average American to tell right away who is in favor of Freedom and Liberty and who is on the side of the Neo Fascist, Corporatist, and establishment elite. Let the Murkowski’s and Romney’s have their compromised, weak willed Republican Party.

How could a 3rd party hurt?

 Well for one there is a danger it would split the vote and hand victories to the Neo Fascists that they wouldn’t have won otherwise.

In a Congressional District race, for example, the danger would be having the right wing vote split among the Republican candidate and his right wing 3rd party opponent thereby handing the seat to the Neo Fascist Democrat. This would happen because a large portion of the right wing voters may be susceptible to the inevitable propaganda, from both the Neo Fascist’s and the Republicans, that the 3rd party candidate is some sort of Nazi simply because they love their country and want to restore the Republic. The 3rd party would have to be such as to have the resources to fight this type of assault at the most local of levels. It would require an apparatus as big as either of the other two parties to combat this propaganda and that is no easy feat.

But if there was one person who could pull it off, who  has the resources, the guts and the audacity, and right now has the mandate to get a 3rd party up and running on solid footing it would be Trump.

Many on the right who are opponents of a 3rd party may also point to Ross Perot’s 1992 bid for the Presidency as proof of the folly of a 3rd party. That’s the election where Perot garnered 19% of the popular vote which many people believed denied Republican Bush senior the victory which went to Clinton the Democrat. But with the clarity of hindsight would a Bush 2nd term have been any better than Clinton’s first? I doubt it. Let’s not forget that the Bush clan represents much what is wrong with the Republican Party. A bunch of globalist, war mongering elitists who have a hankering for expanding the size, scope and power of the Federal government.  

Electing people just so we can say we have an “R” in office is folly. I have been coaching people for years to ignore the “R” or “D” in front of a name. Focus instead on their philosophy. What do they believe? And maybe more importantly, what have they done? If they are a politician already what does their voting record look like? I’d rather write in my own name than vote for some RINO simply because he has a “R” in front of his name.

And it doesn’t have to be a case where the 3rd party runs a candidate in every single election in which a Republican is running. It could run in conjunction and coordination with those good Republicans who, for whatever reason, decided to stay in the Republican Party. Here on Long Island for example we have Congressman Lee Zeldin who has been one of the best defenders of Liberty and Freedom we could ask for from the leftist hell hole of New York. There would be no need for a Liberty minded 3rd party to run a candidate in that district because Zeldin has it covered. But when an Adam Kinzinger (IL16) or Liz Cheney (WY) wins the nod to run as the Republican candidate, a 3rd party affiliated Freedom lover needs to run against them.  Just as the Neo Fascists use groups like the communist  Working Families Party to push candidates leftward, a freedom based 3rd party on the right could be used to push wish- washy Republicans to the right in places where that push is needed. Either that or it will help expose those bad Republicans for the useless politicians they are and keep them from getting into office where they can Trojan Horse the Republican Party into yet more collaboration with the Neo Fascists. As the old saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

As patriots who are trying to restore our Constitutional Republic and are fighting to recapture our Liberty and Freedom we need to start thinking radically different than we have in the recent past. Think a bolder, more organized, more unafraid Tea Party movement; one that does not seek unity with the people who are trying to destroy us, but instead seeks their ultimate defeat.

I just don’t think the majority of the Republicans have it in themselves to be that ruthless for freedom but a 3rd party just might.

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