Don’t Be One of Tyranny’s Collaborators

As we continue to lumber along through the false “Presidency”* of Joe Biden and try to navigate around the vast swath of destruction he and his handlers are creating, one thing has become crystal clear…if you vote for a Democrat, any Democrat, or if you vote for one of the number of Republicans who collaborate and “compromise” with (surrender to) them you are one of Tyranny’s Collaborators.

A collaborator in the wanton violence committed in the streets of America by terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA; the suppression of free speech at the hands of Big Tech and Big Social Media, the destruction of the rule of law by leftist politicians, and the spread of the racist, anti-white Communist clap-trap known as Critical Race Theory, to name a few.

And if your response to that statement is, “How dare you call me that! I love America! Just because I vote for a Democrat doesn’t make me a bad person!”
The Motto of Today’s Democrat Party

I say to you that some self-reflection is in order.

I say to you that you need to open your eyes, and maybe even a book or two that explains what exactly tyranny and freedom are, and try, just a little, to see through your probable blind and irrational hatred of Trump, Republicans, Conservatives, and everyone else who does not hold your world view, that maybe, just maybe, there is truth in what I am telling you.

“But I don’t hate those people!” you may say, and that may be true for you personally. But your Democrat Party does. And your vote for a Democrat supports that hatred. Your vote for a Democrat, at any level, feeds the leftist tyrannical beast. Keeps it alive. Allows it to continue to consume what is left your freedom.

I say that if you really loved this country you would try, just a little, to listen to what the other side is saying. At least hear them out. Politely. Respectfully. Without personal attacks. Like we used to do in this country. Like we used to do before your Democrat Party was taken over by wannabe tyrants like Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, AOC, and the rest. Before your Democrat Party started to recruit fascist thugs who roam the streets of America committing hate-fueled violence against innocent people for no other reason than that is what your Democrat Party wants them to do…just like the Nazis or the Communists that your Democrat Party is becoming more and more like.

Before the Democrat Party, your Democrat Party was taken over by people who would make Josef Stalin and Fidel Castro proud. A party filled with people who actually hate this country, its founding, and its institutions.

If you are a Republican, a Conservative, or someone from “The Right”, and you acquiesce to what is going on you too are a collaborator.

If you are a Republican, a Conservative, or someone from “The Right”, and you think we should just move on and go forward from trying to uncover what really happened with the 2020 Presidential Election you are a collaborator. If you are a Republican and believe that we need to operate in the spirit of cooperation and bipartisanship with these tyrants, you are a collaborator.

Because one thing history has shown us is that the Democrat Party in this country does not want to cooperate. They don’t want bipartisanship. They want surrender. And for decades the Republican Party has done just that. They have surrendered. And many times it hasn’t even been an honorable surrender after a tough battle. It has been a sycophantic surrender of the worst kind. The kind of surrender that turns your stomach because you know deep down that it was the outcome that many of the Republicans actually really wanted.

Very few Republicans like to fight. There aren’t many Ted Cruz’s or Rand Paul’s. Most are closer to RINO’s like Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski.

There are certainly a lot of those RINO’s around.

But you know what the true extinct species is? It’s a DINO. A Democrat In Name Only. There’s none of them around because as a party they simply would not accept it. They would be purged as soon as they reared their head.

But not the Republicans. Oh no. They keep those RINO’s around to look “bi-partisan”. And the Democrats, the radicals, laugh at them.

I know saying if you vote for a Democrat you are a collaborator is a strong statement and you might wonder what gives me the right to say it?

I will tell you what…because the current Democrat party is not the party of Truman or Kennedy anymore. Hell, it’s not even the party of Carter or Clinton. It is the party of AOC and “The Squad”, the party of an outright Socialist, among many, in Bernie Sanders.

The party of radical opportunists like Pelosi, Schumer and Kamala Harris.

A party that has openly embraced Socialism and Fascism. Philosophies which will lead to the destruction of our Republic through the implementation of policies which history has proven to have failed time and time again with great cost in life and treasure.

A party whose Fascist tendencies are out there for all to see, an open Fascism they don’t even try to hide anymore. A Fascism on display by simply looking at the collaboration between mainstream media, Hollywood, and social networking giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, who routinely suppress free speech, lie and do anything, absolutely anything, to elect who they want to elect to force their tyranny down our throats.

A party that accepts into its fold avowed Marxists, Socialists, and terrorists and is supported by the Communist Party USA.

A party in bed with radical Marxists like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

A party that openly calls for the destruction of the Police.

Today's Democrat Voter
Bet She Votes Democrat

A party that turns a blind eye to people in the streets committing acts of violence, people in the streets calling for the death of cops and Trump supporters.

A party that accepts people at their protests with signs that say “Fuck the Police”, “Fuck 12” and “ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards)”.

A party of racists that has for decades, as a matter of policy, kept black people and brown people purposefully poor and living in urine-soaked housing projects, and all the while artificially dependent upon the government for “support”, rather than allowing them to be free to fulfill their God-given right to be as prosperous as their natural skills and abilities will allow.

A party which has single-handedly destroyed many of the great cities of this country.

A party that has embraced anger, hate, and intolerance under the guise of supposedly fighting against those very same things.

A party which will take away your legal guns simply because they want to be the only ones with the guns.

If you are a friend or a relative and I offend you, I am sorry. But you need to understand the truth.

It doesn’t mean that I no longer love or respect you, it only means that you need to know what you are supporting.

That you are collaborating with hateful people who hate me because I dare to think differently than they do. Because I refuse to stay silent and surrender.

Who hate me because I am a heterosexual, white, Christian male.

…and when you vote for a Democrat, you are supporting that hate.

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  4. The left’s liberalism includes totalitarian socialism, communism, fascism, Nazi-ism and many other labels used to disguise their agenda and intentions.

    The left’s liberalism is a simple concept; if you have it, I want it. If you do it, I’ll control it. And if I don’t get my way about everything I’ll whine like a three-year-old.
    That is how the actions of the left define liberalism.
    The true definition of liberal is Any political movement founded on the autonomy and personal freedom of the individual, progress and reform, and government by law with the consent of the governed.
    Now stop and think about it for a moment ………….. The actions of the left are not the least bit liberal. A fitting definition of the left’s actions would be regressive conservative.

    A fitting definition of the political right’s actions is Any political movement founded on the autonomy and personal freedom of the individual, progress and reform, and government by law with the consent of the governed. The Republican party started as a liberal party and despite major infiltration by closet leftists, is still liberal in practice.

    Keep in mind, The Democrat leadership has to be aware they have been and still are acting to subvert/pervert the constitution. Democrat voters/supporters tend to be willfully ignorant of the ideology and agenda and naively believe all they are told by their leaders. The supporters view themselves as being dictionary liberals.
    I separate Democrats into two groups: Democrat politicians, most of whom are in on the con, and the willfully ignorant and duped supporters of those Democrat politicians.

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