Derek Chauvin Did Not “Murder” George Floyd

Chauvin guilty or riots

The trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin for the alleged “murder” of George Floyd has convinced me of one thing…Derek Chauvin did not murder George Floyd.

I must admit that I am not a lawyer or a doctor and any conclusions I make in this post are my own opinion, but it’s clear to me that anyone without an ulterior agenda would admit that the prosecution has failed to make an iron-clad case that Floyd was murdered at the hands of the police.

I am not going to revisit every aspect of Floyd’s arrest and subsequent death. You can find that information in my other post regarding Floyd here.

But it seems clear to me that at this point the prosecution has failed to present an adequate enough case to warrant the conviction of Chauvin for Floyd’s death.

At the end of about 11 days of prosecution witness testimony for the state, it has failed miserably to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Chauvin murdered Floyd. In fact, a portion of the prosecution’s case actually helped Chauvin’s defense. One of the prosecution’s witnesses, for example, spoke of how he saw foam coming out of Floyd’s mouth as the cops struggled to subdue him. Foaming at the mouth is a sign of a drug overdose and this falls right in line with the defense assertion that while struggling with the police Floyd was overdosing on the massive amount of fentanyl found in his system at autopsy.

(For an in-depth, day by day analysis of Chauvin’s trial you can go here.)

One very important fact I learned was that Derek Chauvin’s knee was not on George Floyd’s neck the entire time as everyone has been led to believe by the leftist media and the radicals at Black Lives Matter. Video and photographic evidence were presented which shows Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s shoulder blades, not directly on his neck, at least for a portion of time Floyd was on the ground. This coupled with the Medical Examiners report which states Floyd’s neck, “…discloses no areas of contusion or hemorrhage within the musculature,” and showed no signs of “blunt force injuries” or “life-threatening injuries”.  The report also states there were, “No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures,” which tells me that Floyd did not have the life choked out of him by Chauvin’s knee.

Chauvin's knee on Floyd's shoulder
Chauvin’s Knee on Floyd’s Shoulder

This alone casts enough reasonable doubt in my mind that if I were on the jury, I could not vote to convict Chauvin.

All of that “I can’t breathe” nonsense is just that…nonsense. The mob burning down our cities used that phrase as a rallying cry. It was supposed to make you accept as a matter of fact that the reason Floyd couldn’t breathe was because of the cops. But that rallying cry was completely dismantled by the defense during the course of the trial. The fact is the cops weren’t keeping Floyd from breathing. His massive overdose of fentanyl, his weak heart, and a 10-minute violent struggle with four cops are what stopped his breathing.

I Can't breathe is a myth
“I can’t breathe…” because I was overdosing on fentanyl

In my mind, Floyd died because of the massive amount of fentanyl in his system due to the fact he apparently rapidly ingested a large amount of it so as not to have it discovered by the cops who were attempting to arrest him. Not only did Floyd admit to the officers he had been “Hooping” (using drugs), Floyd himself can be heard on a video saying, “I ate too many drugs…” while he was handcuffed and on the ground.  The prosecution argued that Floyd actually said, “I ain’t do no drugs…” but again, it casts enough doubt that the video is helpful to Chauvin’s defense.

I also learned that the crowd surrounding the cops attempting to arrest Floyd was a lot more hostile, loud, and aggressive than I initially thought. They can be heard screaming things like calling the cops a “Bitch” and “Get the fuck off him!”  They were becoming so hostile that the ambulance who the cops called to assist Floyd didn’t waste any time in getting out of there once Floyd was loaded into it.  The hostility of the crowd may have in fact contributed to the death of Floyd because the cops arresting Floyd had to contend with and focus on their hostility, which may have caused them to be less able to focus on Floyd’s own, self-inflicted, rapidly deteriorating condition.

Yet another instance of reasonable doubt rearing its head.

The big “IF” in the outcome of this whole trial rests in the psyche of the jury who will be deliberating the fate of Chauvin.

The jury is made up of nine women and six men. Six of the women are white and two are multi-racial. One of the women is a black grandmother in her 60’s. Three of the men are black and three are white. Ten of the jurors are under 50 years of age with the youngest being in their 20’s. Five are in their 50’s.

I find it hard to believe that they are not aware of the ramifications a “Not guilty” verdict would bring. The courthouse where the trial is being held isn’t surrounded by barbed wire to keep scores of violent protesters out if a “Guilty” verdict is the outcome. It’s there to stop the mob from tearing the building down if a “Not guilty” verdict is the outcome.

Barbed wire for a not guilty verdict
The barbed wire is not in case there is a “guilty” verdict

How many of the jurors are fearful of what a “not guilty” verdict would bring, not only to the cities of America but also to their own personal safety? It’s a well-known fact that going against the leftist mob puts your own personal safety at risk. I know this first hand.

How many of them are also fearful they may lose their jobs because the “woke” company they work for doesn’t like their decision? It is also a well-known fact that people have been fired because they have dared to speak out against leftist narratives. Especially when you are even slightly critical of the terrorist BLM organization.

I wonder how much the threat of this domestic terrorism at the hands of those upset at a “not guilty” verdict weighs on the minds of the jurors. After all, that’s how the left operates. Using the threat of, or actual violence to get the outcome they desire. Leaders of the terrorist BLM group have already been on record saying a “not guilty” verdict will result in “…all hell gonna break loose…” and buildings being set “On fire”.

BLM Terrorist
BLM Terrorist assaults’ an innocent man

Anyone who bothers to objectively understand the facts relating to the death of George Floyd and has followed this trial somewhat closely cannot state truthfully it is beyond a reasonable doubt that the cops murdered Floyd. There is just too much evidence that reasonably points to the fact that Floyd’s own life choices are what killed him. And the prosecution knows this. Evidenced by the fact that a “knee on Floyd’s neck” became a “knee on Floyd’s neck area” in the prosecution’s arguments.

For justice to be served Chauvin (and the other three officers) need to be completely exonerated. In a free society that operates under the rule of law, you don’t just convict someone because of a single bad picture that doesn’t tell the whole story and the threat of violence by a mob of violent domestic terrorists.

Derek Chauvin did not murder George Floyd. George Floyd’s own life choices killed him.

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  1. I’m sorry, we’ve talked this one to death. When they arret people they need to promptly transport them, if there’s a medical situation that they can determine they need to either have a medic among their numbers to help or they need to call the ambulance. They had/kept the man on the ground for a long time instead of putting him in the car, and the world will remember chauvin with his sunglasses on his forehead and his knee on the black man’s neck, and the fact that Floyd died there. The city of Minneapolis compensated Floyd’s family. But there also needs to be training and procedure questions and other stuff, including hiring black police officers. People are very unhappy about this situation still and you just might see police defunded after all. Mr Chauvin got his day in court, unlike mr. Floyd. How do we never have this probelm again. Because some people are rarin to go that they want to burn the place down, and not just in Minneapolis.

    1. Obviously, you missed the part where Chauvin directed that an ambulance be called, then directed that a more urgent call was needed, when the ambulance hadn’t arrived within the expected time.

    2. It seems pretty apparent that you didn’t watch the documentary video put out documenting this incident (
      The cops attempted to get Floyd in the car and he violently resisted.
      Floyd then begged to be put on the ground, which the cops did.
      Floyd was claiming he couldn’t breathe for a long time before he was on the ground.
      If pressure to the neck killed Floyd, why wasn’t there any bruising?
      And why would “hiring more black officers” have helped this situation? Nothing the cops did was because of race.
      Floyd is dead because of his own actions. Resisting arrest and taking drugs especially. This man Floyd is no hero and certainly is not someone who should be lionized as some poor victim of racist cops.
      No…Floyd is dead because of Floyd. It’s a tragedy that the false narrative spread by the left about this case will probably only lead to more violence and more deaths.

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