Democrat Warmongers and Their Republican Collaborators

War in Ukraine

Russia has been amassing troops along its border with Ukraine.

So what.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there has been a ratcheting up of talk of war with Russia over this non-existent threat to the United States. The Democrat Party along with their war-mongering Republican collaborators has a long history of getting the US into useless, needless wars. Wars we fought for without Congress’s approval in the form of a formal Declaration of War as our constitution requires.

In the past 100 or so years, there has only been one war that the United States engaged in that can be considered justifiable…World War 2. All of the wars after WW2 came about under the leadership of a Democrat President or a war-mongering, collaborating Republican.

Let’s go through the list of the main ones:

World War 1

Propaganda Poster Depicting a German Soldier as a Blood-Soaked Monster

Progressive Democrat, and died in the wool racist President Woodrow Wilson dragged the US into a war with Germany which killed over 115,000 Americans for no other reason than that’s what Progressive Democrats like to do. All the while helped along by eager collaborating Republicans.

Yes, the Germans were torpedoing American ships, most famously the Lusitania, but a large number of those ships, including the Lusitania, were carrying weapons to Britain and France which would be used to kill German soldiers. Not something a supposedly “neutral” United States should have been doing. The Germans had warned us that that was exactly what was going to happen but Wilson kept sending the munitions anyway. Yes the Germans did try to get Mexico to attack the US in return for the Southwest United States, but that was just talk. And besides, if Mexico did decide to stupidly attack us, our fight would have been with them, not Germany.

There was no compelling reason for the United States to declare war on Germany. We were under no threat of invasion by the Germans and we had a declared policy of (supposed) neutrality. But Wilson was a globalist and he didn’t want to miss out on his chance to get the US involved in a global crusade for “Democracy”. Sound familiar?

Read more here.

The Korean War

Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution gives the US Congress the sole authority to, “declare War”.

Did that matter to US President Democrat Harry Truman? Of course not. When North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950, the United Nations issued United Nations Security Council Resolution 82 which demanded that the North cease all hostilities and withdraw back over the 38th parallel. The North ignored this and Truman used it as a pretext to send tens of thousands of US troops off to fight, and die, in a war for the UN. It was not the last time that a US President would unilaterally go to war without the consent of Congress and would put the wishes of the UN ahead of the American people.

We supposedly had to go to war with North Korea to preserve a “free” country. The thing is, South Korea wasn’t really “free”. It was being ruled by Dictator Syngman Rhee who had purged the National Assembly of political opponents, outlawed opposition parties, arrested and even executed people who opposed him. Not a freedom-loving nice guy by any means.

Did we go to war in Korea to “preserve Democracy”? Of course not. I refer you back to Syngman Rhee. Not really someone aching for democracy.

Did we go to war to protect South Korea? Not really. There is evidence that the North invaded the South in response to the South’s constant attacks on the North along the border. The countries had been battling each other for years in what was really a civil war. So the South wasn’t some innocent victim of the North’s aggression. They were an active combatant with a leader in Dictator Rhee who repeatedly threatened to invade North Korea.

And the only reason China got involved was when our troops closed in on their border after they repeatedly warned us not to.

Imagine if Mexico was at war with itself and the Chinese army decided to intervene and pushed the Mexican army back to its border with the US and didn’t look like it was going to stop there even though we repeatedly warned them not to. What would we do then?

So what did over 36,000 US troops die for? So we can buy Kia’s and Hyundai’s? Was it worth it?

I don’t think so.

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The Vietnam War started when Republican Eisenhower sent a handful of US Troops as advisors to Vietnam in the late 1950s. It was turned into a full-blown military adventure by subsequent Democrat Presidents Kennedy and especially Johnson, who, by the time he left office, had committed over 500,000 American military personnel to fight a war that had no clear direction or strategic goals.

The Vietnam War is another example of an undeclared, illegal war started and perpetuated for no good reason other than to “preserve Democracy” (sound familiar again?) and “stopping Communism” (all the while ignoring the Communists at home, especially in the Democrat Party). The result? A complete and utter failure. Not by our troops in the field, but by the idiot politicians who sent them there.

And over 58,000 American soldiers died for what? To preserve a “Democracy” filled with people who wouldn’t even fight for themselves as evidenced by their utter collapse and surrender to the Communist North almost the instant we left?

Kind of like the Afghan Army in 2020? You know, Afghanistan…the place where Joe Biden leftover $80 billion in military equipment to the terrorists and abandoned thousands of Americans and our allies to the enemy?

No, the Vietnam War was not some “noble cause”. It was a war we shouldn’t have been involved in and our country was much worse off because we were.

Untold lives were lost, property destroyed, and lives ruined for what?

More food for thought here.


The first of Globalist and establishment Republican George H.W. Bush’s wars.

Of all the wars fought since WW2, this one is perhaps the most justifiable. Simply because Panama, on December 15, 1989, declared war on the United States.

In a nutshell, the history behind this war is:

  1. Panama is home to the Panama Canal, one of the most important waterways in the world, and the US has a compelling interest in keeping the Canal in friendly hands.
  2. Panamanian President Manuel Noriega was a paid informant of the CIA (including the time that Bush was head of the CIA from 1976 to 1977), who began to fall out of favor with the US due to his relationships with drug dealers.
  3. Noriega began to turn away from the US and to seek aid and comfort from the Soviet Union and other anti-American nations.
  4. After the declaration of war on the US by Panama, the Panamanian Defense Forces attacked, wounded and killed US Military personnel in Panama City. 

Once Panama declared war on us, Bush should have simply gone to congress to ask for a declaration of war against Panama in order to depose Noriega and protect American interests, as he is constitutionally obligated to do.

He didn’t, thereby making the subsequent US invasion of Panama unjustifiable according to our constitution, and shame on Congress for letting him get away with it

The 1st Gulf War

When Iraq invaded and annexed its neighbor Kuwait the world reacted with outrage. The United Nations subsequently issued a demand that Iraq withdraw from Kuwait by January 15, 1991.

Globalist US President George H.W. Bush rallied many nations across the globe to send troops and financial support to carry out the UN’s demands. When the deadline passed and Iraq did not withdraw, the coalition, led by the US, attacked and ousted Iraq from Kuwait.

Iraq’s military was thoroughly defeated. But rather than pursue and finish them off what did the coalition do? They stopped and allowed Saddam Hussein to remain in power. Why? Because the UN said so.

Once again a US President eagerly went to war at the behest of the United Nations without asking for permission from the US Congress through a Declaration of War as he was required to.

And what was the result?

After his defeat in Kuwait, Saddam Hussein turned on the Kurds in the north and proceeded to slaughter them while the coalition of countries that just ousted him from Kuwait sat back and watched. It also led to one of the biggest foreign policy catastrophes this country ever embarked on. More on that in a minute.

The Invasion of Haiti

In 1994 Democrat President Bill Clinton invaded Haiti to restore Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power after he had been overthrown in a coup. The operation to do this was called “Operation Uphold Democracy”. But did it? Uphold Democracy that is?

Of course not.

Aristide was ousted a 2nd time in a coup in 2004.

And then, according to the US State Department, “…Haiti suffered another setback in its democratic development with the assassination of President Moïse, who had been ruling by decree since Parliament lapsed in January 2020 but was set to leave office February 2022. Prime Minister Ariel Henry then became head of a unity government, but Haiti still lacks fully functioning legislative and judicial branches. Only one-third of the Senate remains in office (10 senators), after the October 2019 local and parliamentary elections did not take place as scheduled. The eight-person Supreme Court lost its president to COVID-19, and three members were dismissed by President Moïse in February.”

So much for all that “Upholding Democracy” talk. Our invasion of Haiti was yet again another instance of a US President sending American troops off to war in a foreign land without the consent of a congressional declaration of war and for no real benefit to the United States, or the people in the nation we invaded.

The Kosovo War

In 1999, Democrat President Bill Clinton wages an undeclared air war against Serbia in Kosovo.

Yet again a globalist US President involves our country in another nation’s civil war and without the required declaration of war from the US Congress.

And why was it the US leading the way, putting American lives on the line for a problem that European nations such as Germany, France, and England should have?

When it came to the strategic interests of the United States, Kosovo ranked a zero. But that didn’t stop the President from putting Americans in harm’s way for some nebulous goal of his own making.

Read more here.

The War in Afghanistan

When terrorists attacked the United States on September 11, 2001, Republican George W. Bush (the son) was President and the thirst for revenge by the American people was great and justifiable.

You could even understand why the US wanted to invade Afghanistan to hunt down the terrorists responsible and who were being harbored by the terrorists in charge over there.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Bush had done what he was supposed to do, seek a Congressional declaration war against Afghanistan, he would have gotten it.

But he didn’t. And because Congress did not put limits on our war in Afghanistan it turned into a twenty-year debacle. Yet another forlorn attempt to “spread Democracy” that ended under Biden’s watch with a humiliating withdrawal by the US and the abandonment of untold US citizens and allies to the terrorist Taliban.

The mistake was not that we wanted to go there to kill the terrorists who attacked us, and if we had done that with a formal declaration of war and left soon after, all would have been good. The mistake came with the notion that we should stay and try to turn a Stone Age society into a modern democracy.

So rather than getting in and out as fast as possible, Bush kept us there. And then Obama kept us there. It took a true Republican, non-globalist President Trump to come up with a plan to finally get us out. Only to have that plan get screwed up by his illegitimate successor, Biden, which resulted in a humiliating, pell-mell retreat from the country complete with people clinging, and falling from, the bottom of planes taking off from the airport.

Are the people of Afghanistan or the US any better off from our involvement?

Of course not.

The 2nd Gulf War

In subsequent years after the first Gulf War, a living breathing Saddam Hussein became a thorn in the side of the Neo-Con and Democrat warmongers in the US. People who constantly ratcheted up the non-existent threat that Hussein supposedly was to our freedom and “Democracy”.

Of course, this led Bush Jr. and his war-mongering allies to attack Iraq yet again, this time under the fake charge that Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction” stored somewhere in his country, and again without the permission of the US Congress through a formal declaration of war.

Some even thought that Bush attacked Iraq as revenge for a failed assassination attempt against his father by Hussein.

Sure this war got rid of Saddam Hussein, but at what cost? Say what you will about the guy but he certainly kept that shit-hole country under control. Once he was gone all hell broke loose and we saw the rise of the Isis Caliphate in its place.

The 2nd invasion of Iraq was one of the biggest debacles this country ever embarked upon…brought to you by some of the very same warmongers who are still running around today. It’s them or their incompetent relatives…yes you Liz Cheney, who have no qualms about sending our kids off to die in some other God-forsaken hellhole like Ukraine.

Ah yes, Ukraine. Back to that.

So now we have a failing, illegitimate man in the Oval Office being prodded along by warmongers in both parties, as well as talking head warmongers in the media, to get us involved in a potential war with Russia over a country, Ukraine, that probably 90%  of Americans couldn’t even point to on a map.

Like it or not, Russia has a vital interest in what happens in Ukraine. They are ethnically similar people and have a long shared history. What happens in Ukraine has a direct effect on Russia. None of that applies to the United States.

It’s been said before, but one can imagine if Mexico suddenly joined an alliance with China and Russia and started to allow them to position vast quantities of military equipment and personnel there. Wouldn’t we be raising holy hell and probably even be threatening invasion? Of course we would.

Instead of this constant barrage of painting Russia as an enemy and maintaining an outright belligerent attitude towards them, we should instead be working towards improving relations with them and getting them on our side in the fight against our true enemy Communist China.

And don’t give me any of that bullshit that Putin’s a bad man and an evil dictator, because even if true, which I have my doubts that he’s any worse than any one of our supposed allies,  it hasn’t stopped us before from partnering with someone with questionable moral makeup against a bigger and graver threat. Hell, we partnered with one of the greatest mass murderers of all time, Stalin, in just such a scenario.

We have a lot more in common with Russia than China. It’s a historically Christian nation that before the Communist Revolution had a lot closer ties to the west than the east. Sure Putin might run an autocratic system of government, but it’s not a Communist one, unlike China.

The Russians are a proud, tough people who have endured unimaginable horrors of war and repression throughout their history and I am sure that as a people, they yearn to be free… and respected, and we should give them the respect they deserve.

And part of building that respect I would imagine involves paying attention to the concerns they have over the expansion of NATO to their doorstep in Ukraine.

But talk like we should show respect to Putin and the Russian people isn’t something the globalist warmongers across the globe want to hear. In fact, the mere mention of it just forced the chief of the German Navy, Vice-Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach, to resign.

It’s insane.

And speaking of NATO, why are we still even a part of that obsolete organization? It was created as a cold war response to the Warsaw Pact and the Communist Soviet Union, both of which no longer exist.

Do we really want to send Americans to fight and die because Belarus attacked Romania? No thanks.

We should be finding ways to bring Russia closer as a friend, not drive it into the arms of our true enemy China, and, above all, we should stop getting involved in places that have no bearing whatsoever on our lives here in the US. Places like Ukraine.

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  3. And now…just like they did against Donald Trump, the MSM and their Big Tech Allies will not allow us to read opposing views. If you go against the narrative of the NWO then you are an enemy. Putin, who was ex-KGB, is not a U.S. Constitutionalist, but we shouldn’t expect him to be. He is a Russian Nationalist who cares about Russia and protecting it from the degenerate Influences of the Fascist Progressives in the West. If The liberal Democrats and Fake news outlets are for Ukraine then I smell a rat!

  4. Ww2 justifiable? FDR wanted to attack Germany. Saw his chance when told there was a pact between Japan and Germany, and knew Germany would be obliged to declare war on America if America attacked Japan. By economic blockade of Japan he forced Japan to retaliate. Pearl Harbour.

    1. Regardless. Japan struck first and killed thousands on American soil. I’m no fan of FDR by any means but by killing Americans on American soil they deserved to have us wipe them out. And at least Roosevelt got a declaration of war from Congress as he was supposed to. Not like every President after him who ignored their constitutional obligation.

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