America’s Left Wing Taliban

washington torn down

Name the violent group of radicals who made the unilateral and lawless decision that, in their sole opinion, some statues were so offensive that they needed to be violently destroyed despite their historical significance.

If you said the Taliban in Afghanistan or the American Left as represented by the Democrat-Fascist Party you would be correct!

The Taliban is known for its massive abuses of human rights, suppression of freedom of religion, restrictions on freedom of expression, and wantonly violent behavior, among other tyrannical policies and behaviors. 

Just like the American Left.

In Afghanistan, people were afraid to openly criticize the Taliban for fear of retaliation against them, their property, their family, or their job.

In America, you cannot openly criticize violent, radical, terrorist organizations like BLM or Antifa without fear of retaliation against you, your property, your family or your job. Kind of like when Antifa vandalized Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house. Or when BLM terrorists shot at cops with the intent to kill them. Then there was the time when a Louisville Police major was relieved of her command for calling BLM a bunch of “punks”, to name a few.

The Taliban hates America and considers it and its Freedom and Liberty as the enemy.

The American Left hates America and considers it and its Freedom and Liberty as the enemy. As evidenced by all of the flag burning at the Communist-led BLM / Antifa violent protests and their outright display of anti-American Communist flags and symbols whenever they get the chance.

BLM Communists
BLM = Communism

The Taliban controls the public school system and indoctrinates their pupils in their totalitarian, intolerant world view.

The American Left controls the public school system and indoctrinates our pupils in their totalitarian, intolerant world view. Many of our schools now teach the racist, Communist-based Critical Race Theory to our nation’s youth, for example.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban had “morality” officials who monitored and ensured people’s adherence to the Taliban’s restrictions on smoking, drinking, and gambling.

In America, Leftist Progressives use the Police and other government officials to force private entities such as bars and restaurants to adhere to restrictions on smoking, drinking, and gambling in their private establishments. The ultimate goal by Progressives is to eventually ban these minor vices which they feel are “immoral”. They are doing it for your own good of course because they believe you are too stupid to make your own decisions.

In Afghanistan, if you converted from Islam to Christianity (or any other religion) and made that information public, the Taliban would ostracize, isolate and even execute you.

In America, if you openly declare yourself a Christian the American Left will do everything in their power to ostracize and isolate you. Kind of like when Leftists Senators attacked Justice Amy Coney Barrett for being Catholic before and during her Supreme Court nomination process. Thank God they don’t have the power to execute you…yet.

The Taliban bans people from using the internet out of fear they will learn the truth.

The American Left bans people from using the internet out of fear they will learn the truth.

Fascist Twitter (the worst of the worst and if you still are on Twitter your commitment to Freedom and Liberty needs to be questioned) has banned thousands of Conservatives from its platform. Facebook eliminates Conservative and Right-leaning people and groups on a daily basis it seems. Amazon set out to destroy the social media platform Parler because it was becoming a refuge for Conservatives. There are literally hundreds of thousands of examples of people banned or suspended from Leftist social media platforms and sites for daring to offer an opposing viewpoint to the Left’s sacrosanct views and ideologies.

Fascist Twitter

The Taliban demands absolute obedience to and no deviation from their belief system.

The American Left demands absolute obedience to, and accepts no deviation from their belief system. They often claim to be fighting against “intolerance” and “ignorance” yet they are the most intolerant and ignorant of people.

They do not tolerate you if your religious beliefs teach you that transgenderism is wrong and you believe it is actually a mental disorder.

They do not tolerate you if you say “All lives matter”.

They will not tolerate any talk that says the concept of “white privilege” is a lie or that there is no systemic racism in this country.

If you claim the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from President Trump and can show the proof, you are deemed to be a nut-job and marginalized.

If you are white you are automatically a racist.

If you are straight, you are automatically a homophobe.

Tell people you are a Christian, then you are a religious zealot.

Wave a thin blue line flag or a Trump flag at a BLM protest and you will be assaulted.

Speak out against any leftist indoctrination at work by criticizing racist “Diversity and Inclusion” training and you risk losing your job.

The American Taliban is real, and it resides on the left.

Resist the Tyranny of the left!

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