All Blacks Are Ignorant & Lazy

Lazy Black Guy on Grass

All blacks are ignorant and lazy. Or how about all Asians are bad drivers, all Jews are greedy, and all Muslims are terrorists?

Now that got you pissed off didn’t it? As well it should. Read on before you judge me.

Of course, I do not believe that all blacks are ignorant and lazy or any of those other stereotypes, but all of a sudden it’s OK to publicly denigrate all white people by saying “all white people are racists”. What is even more ridiculous, and frightening, is that the people saying it are being taken seriously by some truly stupid people. Yes, it’s true. If you believe all whites are racists you are a blithering idiot.

All Whites are Racist

There is this woman named “Marley K.” for example who writes a blog on Medium. In one of her posts, she says, “…I’ve accumulated years of scars living in this racist nation…” and claims, “…I, like most Black people in America, know White people better than they know themselves…I need White people to understand that all White people are racist…Yes my dears, all White people are racists. All. Of. Them.”

“Yes my dears, all White people are racists. All. Of. Them.”

Marley K.


Sounds a bit racist don’t you think? At the very least it’s stupendously ignorant. So Marley K. is a racist…and ignorant.

Then there is a fellow blogger and racist, Tamela J. Gordon. Self-proclaimed, “Writer, and Black feminist.” On her website, she also says, “All White People Are Racist. Yes. All. Inherently. Consistently. Racist.” And if you try to tell good ol’ Tamela that you aren’t racist, she isn’t having any of that!

“Yes you are,” She says. “You’re racist if you’re willing to argue with me about it instead of considering how weaponized your whiteness is…You’re racist if you’re reading this and you’re white. All white people are racist.”

Even the act of reading if you are a white person means you’re racist!

But not only does Tamela think all whites are racist, she also believes, “Black People. Cannot. Be. Racist.”

Apparently. If. You. Talk. Like. This. It. Means. You. Are. Very. Very. Serious.

Tamela also says, “…those with white skin have access to both the privileges of whiteness and the power that comes with that privilege,” implying that blacks don’t have access to power or privilege. I guess that helps her justify in her own demented mind all of her virulent racism.

As far as the power thing is concerned, maybe Tamela needs to read what leftist black Author Ibram X. Kendi writes, “Like every other racist idea, the powerless defense underestimates black people and overestimates white people,” and, “You have black people who believe that they can’t be racist because they believe that black people don’t have power and that’s blatantly not true.” I don’t agree with a lot of what Kendi believes, but I agree with him on that point. Blacks have a lot of power in this country.

Joseph Harker, the Deputy Opinion Editor at the Guardian says, “Of course all white people are racist.”

He also says there is nothing you can do about it, “White people need to accept that, no matter how many anti-racist demos they’ve marched on, they inevitably make assumptions, however subconscious, which are influenced by a racist society and which help to form their views and opinions. To refute this is to be in complete denial.”

But he’s not done, he’s yet another racist claiming that he can’t be racist because of the color of his skin, “As a black man, I admit I am bound to suffer from prejudices of my own. I cannot be racist, however, because in the global order I do not belong to the dominant group.”

Racist BLM Activist Ashleigh Shackelford

BLM Activist and Lecturer Ashleigh Shackelford also says, to a room full of white people, “All white people are racist.” She’s not into “coddling of white tears” over it (in other words “shut up and listen”) because “…you’re always going to be racist actually.”

Ashleigh also doesn’t believe if you are white you are human,

“So even when you’re on your path to trying to figure out how to be a better human being—because I believe that white people are born into not being human…That y’all are born into a life to not be human, and that’s what y’all are taught to do, to be demons. So in this particular way, white people are all racist, so I just want y’all to know that up front.”

BLM Activist Ashleigh Shackelford

Could you imagine what would happen if a white woman was being paid to stand in front of a room full of black people and say, “I just want y’all to know that y’all are not human.”

Ashleigh is the same person who wrote an article for Wear Your Voice Magazine, where she is listed as, “…a queer, agender Black fat femme writer, artist, and cultural producer,” titled Fuck You, Pay Me: Reparations for Fat Black Bitches and Everything We Provide in which she wants not only to be paid for “safe housing” and her “clothes and wigs”, but also for her, “Beyonce tickets.”

White people are saying it too. Like Kelli Maria Korducki: “White people need to accept that they’re racist. All White people.”

But it’s not just no-names like the examples above spewing anti-white racism. Let’s take a look at some of the things black Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has said:

  • “Murder and lying comes easy for white people.”
  • “White people are potential humans – they haven’t evolved yet.”
  • “The white man is our mortal enemy, and we cannot accept him. I will fight to see that vicious beast go down into the lake of fire prepared for him…”
  • “White people deserve to die, and they know, so they think it’s us coming to do it.”

Or how about actor Jamie Foxx who thinks it’s funny when he says he gets to “kill all the white people” in his movie.

But according to some people like Tamela above, blacks cannot be racist?

So Let’s See How This Normalizing of Anti-White Racism Plays Out

According to the U.S. Census Department, “Around the time the 2020 Census is conducted, more than half of the nation’s children are expected to be part of a minority race or ethnic group…The U.S. population as a whole is expected to follow a similar trend, becoming majority-minority in 2044.”

So by 2044 white people will be in the minority according to the U.S. Government. This is not as cut and dry as the Census Department would lead you to believe, but for the sake of argument let’s assume it’s true.

Right now we have a large number of black and brown people who feel they cannot be racist and who also believe that all white people are racists. According to the U.S. Census Department, those black and brown demographics will become the majority in 2044. So in the year 2044, we will have a group of people in the “majority of minorities” who do not believe they can be racist and also believe that all white people, who will then be in the minority, are racist. Some of the new “majority-minority”, like Farrakhan, even believe that those new white minorities “deserve to die”.

But wait a minute. I thought you could only be racist if you hold power? So does that mean in 2044 with a flick of the switch it becomes impossible for white people to be racist and only blacks and other minorities will be racist since they will then hold the power? Does this mean that the new white minority will not have any power at all? That blacks and other minorities will be able to do to them anything they want? Those things would have to be true to be consistent right? Are you starting to see the stupidity of their argument now?

A more frightening aspect of this scenario is that by the time 2044 rolls around we will have had generations of people raised to believe the falsehood that all whites are racist and who have, through the very act of being white, been guilty of immeasurable evils inflicted on black and brown people. That those black and brown people have been nothing but victims of white privilege and white supremacy will have been pounded into their skulls in a never-ending barrage of propaganda at home, in school, and at work.

The lust for retribution on the part of some may be great. Some of those people will be in positions of power as part of a new “majority-minority”. Couple that with the likes of Farrakhan who do not believe that whites are human and they “deserve to die”, the possibility of the persecution of, and even genocide against, whites could become very real.

BLM Terrorists
BLM Terrorists

I can just hear some of the “all whites are racist” crowd saying, “Oh well!”

As far as genocide against whites some may say, “Oh don’t be ridiculous! Not here, not in the United States could that happen.” Don’t be naïve. The leftists’ constantly dream of turning this country into some kind of Socialist / Fascist hell-hole. And one thing Socialists and Fascists are good at is murdering people. Just ask the Kulaks, the Jews, Christians, and the Uighurs (by Joe Biden’s buddies the Chicoms), to name a few.

Many White People Are Going Along With This Nonsense Too

What is also truly despicable about this whole “all whites are racist” thing is the vast number of white people agreeing with it. They write books and articles about it, they march in the streets about it, and they even will help Black Lives Matter burn down a few innocent businesses, even ones owned by blacks, to show how much they hate themselves for being white. Some will even demean themselves by getting on their knees and kissing the feet of random black people to atone for their “sin” of being white.


But what if you are white and don’t show any signs at all of being a racist? You never said a racist word; you contribute to the NAACP and even voted for Obama twice! On no, that doesn’t matter at all because you are implicitly biased.

White, Liberal author Tim Donovan in his article, Yes, All White People Are Racists — Now Let’s Do Something About It says, “Like it or not, it’s dishonest to pretend that white people (in general or in particular) don’t carry implicit bias. Does this mean that most white people are overt, capital-R Racists? Of course not! Indeed, many of these studies only strengthen the notion that modern whites are highly unlikely to voice racist sentiments. But the deeper, implicit bias remains.”

But what is implicit bias? “Implicit bias is a form of bias against members of a group in virtue of their membership in that group. Implicit bias is distinguished from other forms of bias by the fact that it is unconscious,” according to the Philosophy Department at the University of Colorado Boulder, a college that has seven times more Democrat professors than Republican ones.

So once again white people, there is nothing you can do about it. No matter how hard you try not to be, you will always be a racist!

In reality, implicit bias is nothing more than yet another leftist concept based on suspect research and science. Read this very thorough analysis of the theory written by Heather Mac Donald for more information.

The reality is this: If you believe the lie that all whites are racist, you are an idiot.

White Privilege

There is also a concept becoming accepted in the mainstream that because you are born white, you automatically have an advantage over non-whites. This is called “White Privilege”.

According to, “White privilege is the unearned, mostly unacknowledged social advantage white people have over other racial groups simply because they are white.”

It’s a term made popular by a very wealthy white woman named Peggy McIntosh who wrote a paper in 1988 in which she said, “I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was ‘meant’ to remain oblivious.”

Acceptance of the fallacy of white privilege also allows multi-millionaire black athletes like Lebron James to say it’s “tough” being black in America after someone spray-painted the word “nigger” on his multi-multi million dollar gated mansion in California. Please, Lebron, don’t tell us you have it “tough”. Oh, and by the way, if you don’t like the word nigger, maybe it would be a good idea if you pushed for black people to stop calling each other that. Who knows? Maybe it was just another black person who painted it so that would be OK right?

Or how about what Oprah, the media mogul black woman with a net worth of $2.6 BILLION, said. “You still have your whiteness. That’s what the term ‘white privilege’ is. It means that whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter.”

The audacity of a billionaire black woman saying that some poor white guy living in a trailer in some backwoods town in Eastern Kentucky has more privilege than her is truly laughable. Eastern Kentucky, a largely white area that is home to nine of the poorest counties in the country and is a harder place to live than any inner-city black neighborhood according to even to the leftist New York Times.

As Matt Walsh says in his piece White Privilege Is a Myth. Here’s How Privilege Really Works in America, “We are told that privilege is rewarded to all white children from birth, by virtue of their skin pigmentation. But in what sense, exactly, is a white child in a trailer park, with a meth-addicted mother and a father who committed suicide, and who has the worst standard of living in the country, and a life expectancy significantly shorter than most everyone else, privileged? What good is this privilege doing him? How does he cash it in? When will he see its benefits?”

Oprah might be rich and famous, but she’s still a racist…and apparently an idiot.

“White Privilege” Is Going Mainstream

“White privilege” has gone so mainstream that even magazines as innocuous as Harpers Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, and Reader’s Digest are pushing it. They say things such as the color of band-aids, certain styles of dress, not mowing your lawn, seeing white people in a magazine, or cursing during a conversation are indicators of a white privilege which you may not be aware of.

All of this “white privilege” talk is, of course, nothing but nonsense being pushed by nefarious people and believed by simpletons. It is a deeply racist sentiment that puts an asterisk on the achievement of every single accomplishment of someone who happens to be white and gives a ready excuse to minorities who fail that it wasn’t their fault and so they can blame their failure on white people, no matter what.

White Privilege is a Lie

Lost that promotion at work to the white guy who worked extra hours and went to school to get ahead while you didn’t? No…it can’t be because that white guy deserved it. It’s because he had “white privilege” and benefitted from a systemically racist system.

“White privilege” also leads to the racist notion of Black Supremacy. How? Well if black people are able to succeed in spite of living in a racist country filled with white supremacists, then they must be somehow superior beings, right?

The false concept of “white privilege” is also a trap that you can never get out of if you are a white person. Because no matter what you say or do, the argument will come back to the fact that your whiteness gives you an advantage.  This is called a Kafka Trap and is designed for one purpose, for you to either admit your guilt for something you have not done or condemn you as guilty as evidenced by your resistance to the charges against you.

It goes something like this:

White Guy (WG): I got this job because of my skills and experience.

Liberal Black Guy (LBG): Are you sure about that? I think you got it because you’re white and white people get all the privileges blacks don’t get.

WG: But I worked and studied hard in school so I could get the job.

LBG: A school you were able to get into because you’re white.

WG: No, because I studied hard and passed the entrance exams with high scores, that’s how I got in.

LBG: You mean the entrance exams that are biased to favor white people?

WG: Hmmm. Maybe you’re right. Maybe all of my hard work meant nothing and I got in because I am white (surrender).


WG: Hmmm. You are nuts! I got in because I worked hard!

LBG: The fact you don’t see it is because of your implicit bias and unconscious racism and the fact you don’t see it proves you are a racist.

The WG can’t win.

Meanwhile, there are millions of successful black people in America who worked hard, come from stable families, and have done very well for themselves. Just as there are many white people who didn’t do or have those things and have suffered as a result. It’s not a race thing, it’s a motivation, smarts, and a common sense thing.

Maybe all of these people touting “white privilege” should listen to Burgess Owens, the black Congressman from Utah’s 4th District and retired pro football player, “Don’t you dare tell me my skin color holds me back. Don’t you dare tell me my skin color makes me a victim.”

Want to Know the Best Way to Ensure the Success of All People? Capitalism!

That’s right. Know why most band-aids have a Caucasian tint to them? BECAUSE MOST OF THE COUNTRY IS WHITE! It has nothing to do with any kind of inherent “white racism” or “white privilege”. It’s about Capitalism and the free market. The makers of band-aids created a product that the majority of their customers can identify with. If there was more money to be made in making all band-aids a darker color rest assured it would happen overnight.

Did you know that the first self-made female millionaire in this country was a black woman? That’s right! The first-ever and she did it all because of Capitalism.

Want to know what the real “privileges” are?

How about living in a two-parent household? Kids in a two-parent household, regardless of race, do better economically; have better health and improved well-being.

Or maybe be Asian. According to National Review, “Asian Americans do better than white Americans in school, on IQ tests, on credit scores, and on other positive measures. In fact, according to recent data from the Federal Reserve, Asians are about to surpass whites as the wealthiest group of Americans.”

If whites are so privileged, why do Indian Americans, Bangladeshi Americans, Cambodian Americans, Pakistani Americans, Ghanaian Americans, Nigerian Americans, and a whole slew of other non-whites have median household incomes way above White Americans?

And the biggest privilege of all? Being born in America. Think about it. Would you rather have been born in Venezuela where they are eating garbage to survive because of Socialism? Or maybe in China where you can suddenly “disappear” in the middle of the night for saying something against the Communist government?

America has its issues, largely because we have strayed from our Constitution and have embraced radical leftism in many ways, but there is still no better place on earth to have been born to ensure your opportunity for success in life no matter the color of your skin.

“White privilege” is a lie. Even 19-year-old Indian immigrant Rav Arora knows it, “…the glaring fallacies of the all-consuming white-privilege narrative which has degraded our national discourse into identity politics and racial tribalism. White people are now one-dimensionally seen as an undifferentiated mass of privilege and wealth whereas minorities are seen as powerless victims oppressed by a society ingrained with white supremacy and racial bigotry.”

“…the glaring fallacies of the all-consuming white-privilege narrative which has degraded our national discourse into identity politics and racial tribalism. White people are now one-dimensionally seen as an undifferentiated mass of privilege and wealth whereas minorities are seen as powerless victims oppressed by a society ingrained with white supremacy and racial bigotry.”

Rav Arora, 19 year old Indian Immigrant

Rav knows his stuff.

For a great video on the fallacy of “white privilege,” take a look at Ben Shapiro has to say about it here. He correctly points out that “white privilege” is nothing more than a bullshit way to attempt to silence white people.

Is it White Supremacy, or Just a White Majority Democracy?

Now I am not going to sit here and say there has never been a time in this country when whites have discriminated against blacks as a matter of official policy. The Democrat Party especially has a history of racism which is shameful (which makes it a wonder how any black person could be a Democrat, but now’s not the time for that discussion).

But America is not an overall racist society. This is a country that elected a black man as President twice, reveres black sports figures equally with those of other races, and has well respected black people of towering intellect such as Justice Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell.

Sure there are pockets of racist communities across the country where blacks, whites, Asians, and every other ethnic or racial group might feel uncomfortable and may even be harassed, but they are the exception and not the rule.

In our Constitutional Republic, we have a system where through the democratic process laws get passed by the government typically with a simple majority vote.

The fact of the matter is that whites are the majority population in America. As of 2019, the U.S. Census Department puts 76.3% of the U.S. Population as “White Alone”. Blacks are 13.4%, Hispanics are 18.5%.

It seems that the “all whites are racist” crowd believes there is “systemic racism” in this country simply because whites are the majority and have used their majority to pass laws and create a system intended to keep minorities down. This ignores the fact that many of the laws which have been passed to protect minorities are passed with a majority of whites supporting them.

If this was a truly, systemically racist society, whites would have used their numerical advantages in numbers to institutionalize more racist laws, not seek to destroy them as they have done. The idea that “all whites are racist” and there is “systemic racism” in America is as truthful as saying “all blacks are ignorant & lazy”.

“If this was a truly, systemically racist society, whites would have used their numerical advantages in numbers to institutionalize more racist laws, not seek to destroy them as they have done. The idea that “all whites are racist” and there is “systemic racism” in America is as truthful as saying “all blacks are ignorant & lazy”.

I for one do not trust government at all no matter the color of the skin of the people in charge. I am just as distrustful of things that the white majority does as any black or brown person would do. But I also don’t trust black or brown politicians either. Not because I think any of them are racist, or because I am one. I don’t trust them because I know government with too much power suppresses ALL people, regardless of skin color.

White People are the Bogeymen Everywhere!

But cries of “white supremacy” and “white terrorism” and the evils of white men continue unabated from the left:

CNN’s Don Lemon said, “The biggest terror threat in this country is white men.”

The New York Times said, “We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem.”

Jennifer Rubin said, “You can pick any batch of statistics you like to illustrate the seriousness of white nationalist terrorism.”

If you were to listen to the left in this country you would be led to believe that there is some kind of armed insurrection of “white nationalists” occurring in the streets of America. It’s all a lie.

In fact, the only white people I have seen committing acts of insurrection in the streets of America were the ones supporting the Marxists at BLM while they looted and burned their way through the cities of America last year.

Tucker Carlson was right. The idea of “white supremacy” is a hoax and, “…a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power.” His point is factual. Yes, there are people who are white supremacists in this country, but there is no imminent threat to the country from them. And the vast majority of white people in this country abhor white supremacists and what they stand for. As evidenced by the fact that in a country of over 330 million people, the number of people with membership in a white supremacist organization would fit in a college football stadium, as Carlson points out.

White Fragility

According to white leftist writer Robin DiAngelo, all of this white privilege and white supremacy comes about because of something she has termed “white fragility.”

She says, “White people in North America live in a social environment that protects and insulates them from race-based stress. This insulated environment of racial protection builds white expectations for racial comfort while at the same time lowering the ability to tolerate racial stress… White Fragility is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation.”

We are supposed to believe that white people are so enmeshed in their whiteness and their lily-white environment that the mere thought of anything race-related causes them to clutch their pearls and lash out at whoever or whatever is causing them the stress of having to actually think about something other than their whiteness. Arguing that you are not a racist is in fact proof that you are, according to DiAngelo.

If you didn’t invite a black person to your wedding, you’re a racist. Never mind the fact that you didn’t invite any black people because you don’t know any. But wait! You don’t know any black people because your racism has kept you from having any black friends, whether you know it or not. There’s that Kafka Trap again!

WG: But it’s not that I am racist that I don’t have black friends, I just didn’t grow up with any.

LBG: A-ha! That’s because you’re white privilege has kept you insulated from them. It’s obvious you’re a racist.

WG: But I’m not a racist, I just happen to have friends who aren’t black. It’s not that I don’t want black friends, I just haven’t had the opportunity to meet many long enough to become close to them. They are only 13% of the population, you know. In some places that limits the ability of white people to interact with black people.

LBG: A-ha again! The fact that you are denying you’re a racist proves you are one.

WG: But I’m not!

LBG: Now your “white fragility” is showing!

All of this “white fragility” crap has made the founder of it very rich. Apparently, her book about “white fragility” has earned her over $2 million and she gets $30-$40K for a few hours of “diversity training.”

The Washington Free Beacon also found out some more examples of DiAngelo’s “white privilege”, “Public records indicate she owns three homes, all bought before White Fragility was published: a four-bedroom bungalow and half of a duplex in Seattle (her daughter, nearing 40, occupies the latter), and a cabin in rural Washington, where DiAngelo and husband Jason Toews relax with friends who, at least on Toews’s Instagram, appear to be exclusively white. Tax assessments put DiAngelo’s cumulative housing wealth at roughly $1.6 million, in the vicinity of Coates’s $2 million Brooklyn brownstone. In the past three years, DiAngelo and Toews, who as of last September served as DiAngelo’s administrative assistant, have backpacked through Thailand, visited Romania, and toured South Africa.”

She doesn’t deny any of this. But she does claim it’s all part of an effort by ultra-right wingers to “discredit the anti-racism movement”. In the “Accountability” section of her website she says, “It is important to know that the Washington Free Beacon is a far-right newspaper and their goal is to discredit the antiracism movement. As a white antiracist author and educator who is very visible, I am an easy target, but we must be clear that the far-right seeks to discredit all antiracist work, by all activists, regardless of race.”

No Robin, no one is trying to “discredit the anti-racism movement.”  We just find it very interesting how much money you have made as a white woman peddling your crackpot theory that all white people are racist to stupid people who actually take you seriously.

We also find it very interesting that a lily-white liberal such as yourself finds it so easy to exploit race relations in general and black people in particular to fatten your wallet.

Racism is Racism

In the ultimate demonstration of hypocrisy and contradiction, somewhere along the way in our pursuit of Civil Rights and equality for all, it has become acceptable to a growing number of people to exclude, demonize and ostracize a whole race of people because their skin happens to be white.

What makes this even more repulsive is that some of the biggest advocates for this new, accepted breed of racist bigotry are minorities, the very people the American Civil Rights movement aimed to help. People who thump their chests and pat each other on the back in self-delusion that they are making society a better place by spewing hateful falsehoods about a whole race of people, all the while oblivious to the fact that they have become the very demons and monsters their forbearers aimed to slay.

We find ourselves in a dystopian reality where in the pursuit of “racial justice”, the pursuers have become racists themselves, all the while being cheered on by a compliant, compromised media who congratulate them for being so “progressive”. 

This new, approved racism finds itself being enabled by sycophantic corporations who force their employees to go through politically correct, racist-tinged deprogramming known as “diversity training” and shower radical, racist groups like the Marxists at BLM with ransom money to the tune of billions of dollars. Let’s also not forget the leftist propaganda mills known as higher education, who are churning out brainwashed, politically correct “woke” zombies by the droves.

Self-reflection is a wonderful thing. Whether done by an individual or a group of them, taking a long hard look in the mirror at yourself and being brutally honest with what you see can do wonders to help improve your lot in life.

What doesn’t work is blaming everyone else for the situation you find yourself in. Blaming a race of people for the ills of your society is what led to the gas chambers at Auschwitz and the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

No race of people in this country is devoid of instances of ugliness in their history. Past and present.

As Heather Mac Donald points out in her piece Are We All Unconscious Racists? I referenced earlier, “…street crime today is almost exclusively the province of “people of color.” In New York City, for example, blacks and Hispanics committed 98 percent of all shootings in 2016; whites, who, at 34 percent of the population, are the city’s largest racial group, committed less than 2 percent of all shootings. Those figures come from the victims of, and witnesses to, those shootings. Blacks, who are 23 percent of the population, committed 71 percent of New York’s gun violence—meaning that blacks in New York are 50 times more likely to commit a shooting than a white New Yorker. In Chicago, blacks and whites each make up a little less than a third of the city’s population: blacks commit 80 percent of all shootings; and whites, a little over 1 percent—making blacks in the Windy City 80 times more likely to commit a shooting than whites. These disparities are repeated in cities across the country. If you’re hit in a drive-by shooting, the odds are overwhelming that your assailant will be black or Hispanic—and that you will be, too, since blacks and Hispanics are usually the victims of such crimes. If the public associates blacks with violent street crime, it is facts that lead to that association.”

The answer to all of those facts listed above by the “all whites are racist crowd” would be that those things happen because of “white supremacy” and “white privilege”. No matter the answer you give or the facts you present that will always be their answer.

I also did not touch on the very real problem of black on black racism.

“For the life of me, I cannot understand how black people are so quick to recognize racism as directed towards them from whites, Latinos, Asians, et al, and miss the very real racism that exists within our race from one another,” says a black woman named Allene in an attempt to start a discussion about being black in America.

Rather than blaming that on “all whites are racist”, it would seem a good, long, hard look in the mirror might be in order for some black people and their white enablers.

Unless all people disavow such racist sentiments as all blacks are ignorant and lazy and all whites are racist we will never get ahead in improving the situation for ALL people in this country.

As a Christian, I believe we have all been created in God’s image. I believe a black man or woman can be my brother or sister as much as any white man or woman. This whole “all whites are racist” thing is just as evil as believing “all blacks are ignorant & lazy.”

So no, all black people are not ignorant and lazy and all white people are not racists.

Stop being stupid and believing stupid things.

You can read about more about other lies you are being told here.


On March 13, 2021, Reddit suspended my account for posting “hateful content”. There is nothing hateful in this blog post. In fact, it speaks out against racism and hate. However, the racism I wrote about, racism against white people, will not be tolerated by the Techno-Fascist leftists at Reddit because it does not fit their narrative. A warning and a reminder to everyone that free speech is not a part of the main-stream social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, etc.

reddit are fascists

Update April 5, 2021

Censored by the left yet again! I posted this story on the site Medium and was told that my account has been suspended for violating these rules: “We do not allow posts or accounts that glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths of individuals or groups. This includes the use of scientific or pseudoscientific claims to pathologize, dehumanize, or disempower others. We do not allow calls for intolerance, exclusion, or segregation based on protected characteristics, nor do we allow the glorification of groups which do any of the above.” Yet you can still read an article there by Marley K. that claims “All Whites are Racist.”

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  1. […] “White privilege” is another fabrication of the left which says that all white people receive a kind of hidden advantage just for being white. It allows them to say preposterous things like some poor white guy living in a trailer park somewhere contemplating suicide has an advantage over some rich black person, say like Oprah (net worth over $2.6 BILLION), just because his skin is white and hers isn’t. It’s lunacy (See more about that here). […]

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